Sunday, May 20, 2007

Michael W. Smith's concert in Fort Myers

Michael W. Smith is an award winning Christian singer, songwriter, guitarist, and keyboardist. I saw his concert last night at McGregor Baptist Church. The church was full and vibrant, every single person there, young and old had a connection to Smith, since his career encompasses a couple of decades. Smith sang songs from his new album and also songs from the past such as Friends Are Friends Forever (his encore).

Smith is also a philanthropist and a spokesman for Compassion International, a charitable organization that he promotes during his concerts. I personally recommend this organization if you are looking to sponsor a child's education and welfare in a developing country.

Michael W. Smith also has a new album out called 'Stand'. Click on the link below to hear some of the songs.

On another note, I had a slight problem before the concert. I had eight tickets; however, my party increased to nine the last minute. Thankfully, Bill Carl from WAY-FM was able to lend a hand and get me a free ticket. Thanks Bill!

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