Friday, April 10, 2009

My e-mail to President Obama: Stop Somali pirates

I'm a firm believer of individual citizens still being able to contact their elected officials, including the President. While there's an infinite number of concerns out there such as this current economic crisis to the different issues in foreign affairs, one of the most annoying issues that I consider to be simple to resolve yet its still not fixed are the Somali pirates.

So here goes my email...

Dear President Obama --

I would like to see action against Somali criminals once and for all aside from watching sea lanes. We are not attacking the root cause of the problem and to respond saying that we are doing everything possible would be an insult to everyone's intelligence.

Please destroy land-based bases of Somali criminals so they don't have the capability to attack Americans again in the high seas. You cut the snake's head and it will no longer be a viable threat.

While this option is already available for some time with a United Nations resolution authorizing such actions, I suggest the administration actually start doing something about it and letting the American people know you took care of it.

What's the worst that could happen? The virtually non-existent Somali government filing a protest?

Thanks, -Don