Thursday, May 03, 2007

LAPD beats up innocent reporters, women, children

A peaceful rally was held at a public park. A couple blocks away, there was a group of idiots throwing rocks and bottles at the police. The police department, Los Angeles PD, world renown for its past corruption, and countless beatings against minorities such as blacks (ie: Rodney King) came in full force.

Instead of arresting the individuals that attacked them, they moved towards the public park, where thousands gathered peacefully for hours. The peaceful crowd had no clue there was an incident a few blocks away. Women, children, news anchors, and photographers were hit with rubber bullets and hit with battons/clubs. Broken bones, internal bleeding, and other injuries were reported.

This indiscriminate and shameful action of the Los Angeles PD is inexcusable, especially when LAPD officers were found guilty of breaking civil rights in the past, where they had to pay millions for attacking journalists in 2000.

Beating on innocent people, especially women and children, that are gathering peacefully and legally is not only a violation of the Constitution, but of human decency. This is not how law enforcement officers should act.

For the LAPD officers that were involved in this: you are a shame on your city, a shame on California, a shame on this nation and a shame for every person that carries a badge. On that day, you no longer were police officers but criminals.

That's my 2 cents. For a historical documentary on the LAPD, take a look at this DVD below.

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