Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Support S. 3912/HR 6132 - extension of Medicare therapy caps

Contact your congressman and senator to support S. 3912/HR. 6132.

It's important that we support our disabled and senior Americans out there in whatever way possible. The following bills in the Senate and House just does that by allowing exceptions to Medicare caps for physical therapy and speech therapy.

In the past, disabled citizens and seniors would not be able to go to outpatient rehabs after they exhaust $1,800 worth of Medicare benefits. What that translates to is a person recovering from a stroke or a patient with major hip surgery can only go for about two months and after that, despite not being well or fully functional, they are no longer allowed to come back to the clinic.

I believe this is an injustice, especially for folks that have paid their Medicare benefits since the day they started working. Secondly, I don't believe in socialistic policies for people that are able to work; however, we as a people should do our best to support and protect those that are not able to fend for themselves.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Tony Blair: The world's best statesman gives his retirement speech

If you thought the U.S. Congress was a tough place to debate at, you should see the British Parliament. Politics in Britain mirrors much like the United States, except their debates are quite fierce and often times, quite loud. But out of all of the confusion that comes from Britain's legislative body, there is one man that has always been a cut above the rest - Tony Blair.

Blair's achievements during his tenure as prime minister is a long one, so I'll highlight some big ones that dramatically pushed Britain into the 21st century as a viable power in the world stage:

* A Human Rights Act was introduced in 1998
* a Scottish Parliament and a Welsh Assembly were set up
* Most hereditary peers were removed from the House of Lords in 1999
* The Greater London Authority and the post of Mayor of London were established in 2000
* The Freedom of Information Act was passed later in the same year
* Leading out in the Kosovo War against Milosevic
* Helping topple Saddam Hussein
* Olympics awarded to London in 2012

His close ties with the United States has earned him praise and criticisms, but in the end, he is known for someone that stands by his convictions and believes in doing the right thing even if it is unpopular. He has helped topple two dictators that have committed genocide -- that's already an achievement for a lifetime.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Clinton get's angry when asked why he didn't kill Bin Laden

This is the first 20 minutes of Bill Clinton’s interview with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday. In this clip, Wallace asks Clinton why he didn’t do more to capture or kill Osama bin Laden while he was in office.

Clinton clearly feels like he has been set up and doesn’t hold back in telling Wallace just how he feels.

He definitely feels guilty.

Full transcript here:

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Chavez's anti-US comments unite Republicans and Democrats

Venenzuela dictator Hugo Chavez with Cuban dictator Castro

The White House's lack of response against Chavez's anti-US remarks during a UN session was appropriate. But I was surprised to hear that people across the U.S. political platform denounce Chavez, not only Republicans but Democrats. I welcome anytime both of these parties actually agree on something and it is for the good of the people.

What Chavez said

Chavez called Bush "the devil" and went on to say unfounded allegations that the United States tried to start an uprising in his country. The State Department conducted its investigation and found completely the opposite. The United States tried to WARN Chavez of impending coup attempts and his government would always pridefully say, "Yeah we know."

It's one thing to attack the policy of a government but another to attack people personally. As a nation, we must take pride in the Office of the President. The president has responsibilities, but has privileges, and one of those privileges is respect for his office.

As an American, I'm insulted by Chavez' remarks, calling our president the "devil". And I'm equally impressed with the White House's silence, the turn-the-other-cheek approach which makes Chavez looks like the only devil on the platform.

Democrats and Republicans unite

Democrat Congressman Charles Rangel said this about Hugo Chavez, "I just want to make it abundantly clear to Hugo Chavez or any other president - don't come to the United States and think because we have problems with our president that any foreigner can come to our country and not think that Americans do not feel offended when you offend our Chief of State...any demeaning public attack against him is viewed by Republicans and Democrats, and all Americans, as an attack on all of us."

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, said, "He fancies himself as a modern day Simon Bolivar, but all he is an everyday thug."

"I think Chavez would be much more effective if he would say something that's true," Mr. Clinton said on CNN. "You know, to me, that would be a much cleverer thing for him to do, where he'd really be doing something good, and he could say, 'I disagree with President Bush,' instead of calling him the devil."

I guess we could say thank you Mr. Chavez. You actually helped find an issue that our nation can unite against...YOU!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Eating fish reduces kidney cancer (renal cell carcinoma)

A recent study suggests eating fish like salmon significantly reduces kidney cancer risk. Specifically, according to a report in JAMA 2006, Vol 296, No 11, researchers observed that those who consumed one or more serving of fatty fish each week seemed to have a 44 per cent decreased risk of RCC compared with those who consumed none at all.

Studies in this field is few and far between. Follow-up studies need to be conducted to confirm this hypothesis, but clearly we see why fish should be an important part of one's diet.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Investing Without Losing: The Beginner's Guide to Real Estate Tax Lien and Tax Deed Auctions

My book on real estate tax auctions is coming out in October 2nd, 2006. It's called Investing Without Losing: The Beginner's Guide to Real Estate Tax Lien and Tax Deed Auctions.

What's the topic?
There are thousands of properties and tax liens being sold every month throughout the United States. Most of which are being sold for pennies on the dollar of their market value! Investing Without Losing: The Beginner's Guide to Real Estate Tax Liens and Tax Deed Auctions gives investors like you everything from the basic concepts of bidding in real estate tax auctions to investment plans and strategies. Plus, you'll be able to access updated materials and resources on Investing Without Losing's web site.

You can pre-order now directly from Barnes & Noble or access it through the Forbes Magazine's Book Club by clicking here:

For more information about tax liens, visit the complementary site at: Investing Without Losing

Monday, September 11, 2006

Visit San Luis Valley

The San Luis Valley is an 8,500 square mile area in Colorado that offers a variety of views and mountain terrain. I traveled here last month and I'm always impressed at the "untouched" wildlife and nature scenary in the area.

Here's some more information about the San Luis Valley area:

If you want to RV somewhere and enjoy some beautiful scenes, visit San Luis Valley of Colorado.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Southwest Florida gets hit by 6.0 magnitude earthquake! Is the world coming to an end?

I have lived in Florida for over a decade and I have never seen this happen before. An earthquake with a 6.0 magnitude hit near our coast. Apparently, this was the second time within the past few months (same spot in February had a 5.2 which was unfelt). These crazy earthquakes might be something to be expected in the years to come. What could cause it? Plates that we didn't know existed before? Oil rigs digging too deep? We truly don't know -- but as a state, we need to investigate this.

I go on a boat often and today I was off the Gulf of Mexico fishing -- this type of event does not make me happy, as it can cause some tremendous waves (remember the Indonesian tsunamis?). Residents from as far away as Georgia, Alabama and Louisiana also felt the earthquake. No one wants to create panic, but this type of disaster is far more dangerous than hurricanes, as it cannot be detected by radar two weeks prior.

What Lessons Can We Learn From This Philosophically?

You can't take each day for granted. What we are sure of in the past may not exist in the future. As in this event, we were so sure that Florida would never get major earthquakes, yet in September of 2006, we got our first ever major earthquake. Don't take for granted the days you have on this earth or what is sure. Make up the mistakes that you've had, tell your love ones that you love them, correct your regrets, do the best that you can, go back to school for that degree, or finish off a project that you've been putting off.

What Lessons Can We Learn From This Biblically?

The Bible clearly has some guidance on this in Mark 13:7-8 in this time of turmoil. "When you hear of wars and rumors of wars, do not be alarmed. Such things must happen, but the end is still to come. Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be earthquakes in various places, and famines. These are the beginning of birth pains."

Clearly, these signs need to occur before the time of the end and the events of our war on terrorism among others are just an introduction of what's to come.

Experiences By Other People

"It was originally reported as a 5.8 and recently upgraded to a 6.0," said Tim Sedlock of the National Weather Service in Melbourne.

"I felt the tremor, my computer screen monitor shook and I could feel a little shaking on the floor," said Scott Kelly, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Melbourne.

"I was just sitting here in my little condo when my chair started rocking. It felt strong to me and I wondered if other people felt it," said Rockledge resident Lina Norwood sitting in her second-story condominium.

"This is a fairly unique event...” said Don Blakeman, an analyst with the National Earthquake Information Center. “This kind of occurrence is unusual in that spot, especially for an earthquake of this size.”

''I didn't give it a lot of thought then I heard people talking and I put it together...", said Sally Mayse of Bradenton.

''My bed shook and probably the whole room,'' said Mary Scottoline from Miami. ``It shook once and then it shook again.''

"Some people definitely felt a little shaking in counties along the Gulf Coast," said Mike Stone, a spokesman for the state's Division of Emergency Managemen.

"As far as a fault area, there are no major subduction's a rare place historically for an earthquake," said Guy Urban, an expert at the West Coast and Alaska Tsunami Warning Center in Palmer, Alaska.

"It's undoubtedly a strange event, you can get earthquakes in very unexpected places...", said Chris Harrison, a geophysicist at the University of Miami's Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science.

Mary Ruiz of Holmes Beach was leaving a supermarket when she felt "an extraordinary change in motion."

Diane H Rosser on a web log said, "I live in Jackson, Butts Co., GA and there were tremors here this morning. That’s why I checked the AJC site to see if there was a report of an earthquake near us."

John Creviston reported on a web log said, "I was laying in bed about 11:00 Sunday morning and felt the bed shake very subtly. Then a few minutes later I felt the bed shake again. I was a little harder, but still very subtle. It was enough to make me look at the clock - 11:09 AM. I live around Clairmont and I-85. I thought it may had been from a sonic boom from a 9-11 memorial service or something since may services start at 11:00 on Sunday mornings, but Sunday was 9-10. I did not hear any boom so I thought it was far off. It did cross my mind that a large terrorist bomb had gone off. Then I saw on CNN a few hours later about the earthquake."

Taylor Jackson said, "I was sitting in my 7th story condo in Ormond Beach, FL (near Daytona Beach) when my building began to sway. I thought I was just imagining it, however it happened again a few seconds later. At that point we figured that it was a quake. It was strong enough to rattle our windows and rattle dishes in the china cabinet."

Juan Ruiz said, "I just moved down to Tampa a month ago and I only thought I had to contend with Hurricanes. Well, this morning, while eating breakfast I noticed my table shaking and for a split second I thought it was an earthquake, but I’m in Tampa, not California! So I thought it was my crazy neighbors having a good time, somehow shaking the building. I mean what else could it have been? Well, I came to to see how the dirty birds beat down the panthers and I was flabergasted to see an article confirm that it was an earthquake… Crazy! Oh yeah, and Tampa lost!!! Go Falcons!"

John Shaw said, "I was sitting at my computer desk,here in Covington, Ga., when the desk began shaking back and forth maybe 5 or six times, then a few second pause, then shook again for about the same duration."

Stacy Dumas said, "I was sitting outside, reading the paper, when it felt like someone was shaking my deck. I thought I was losing it. Good to know I wasn’t. LaGrange, GA"

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Who controls the oil and gas prices? YOU DO!

Are gas prices high compared to previous years?
Actually no. In 1981, gas was actually more expensive (roughly 20-27 cents more) than now! This is with inflation being factored in. (Source: Gibson Consulting)

Who controls the oil prices?
This is simple. Supply and demand. The more you demand, and the less supply, the higher the price. Americans dominate the demand in the world market. Consider these facts:

  • Americans are 5% of the world population but consume almost half the demand of gasoline around the world. (Source: Gibson Consulting) This is INCREDIBLE! We are only 5% of the world yet we take in nearly half the demand of the world's gas! Why is that? Because we want our lawns cut, we need big trucks, we have large RVs, boats, etc. Everything that moves in America burns gas!
  • America consumes roughly 20 million barrels a day, that's 13,889 barrels every minute! (Source: Howstuffworks)
  • It takes 14 Exxon oil ships just to feed America's hunger for gas for ONE day. (Source: Howstuffworks)

You as the consumer have the power to lower gas prices. Here are some tips:

  • Not overspeeding reduces gas consumption in boats, cars, etc.
  • Car pooling with friends and family.
  • Choosing vehicles with 30+ miles per gallon.
  • Walking instead of driving to nearby places (if it is safe).
  • Educating others so they know that they control the market.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Why the world misses Steve Irwin

All across the world, people are mourning. News articles around the world highlight Irwin's life and pay homage to a man that introduced animals to kids. Australia's prime minister is offering a state sponsored funeral. The U.S. embassy in Australia has paid their respects, and fans across the globe have sent in flowers and cards to Irwin's zoo in Queensland, Australia.

Why the world misses Steve Irwin...
Steve is soundly missed by kids around the world. I consider myself a big kid, so I guess I'm missing him too. He was the original animal showmaker, the one that offered a documentary of animals in a unique way -- up close and personal.

He was an alternative to the common media of sex, drugs, and vanity. His programming was wholesome. Kids thought of him as a hero, and someone they could look up to. Many veterinarians and zoologists that will be graduating in the next decade or so have been inspired by him.

I liked him because he showed God's creatures as unique. He showed that mother nature did offer mankind recreation, that there are wonders and curiosities left untouched on our earth that needs to be protected and nortured.

And lastly, Steve Irwin introduced the word, "Crikey!" His full-of-energy personality was original and unescapable, and "Crikey!" represented his character and his energy. He was the Energizer bunny on steriods.

Goodbye Steve Irwin, may we see you in heaven -- on the flip side, the animals don't sting.

Monday, September 04, 2006

SHOCKED: Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin dies of freak stingray accident

I wish this was a joke, but Steve Irwin, died of a freak stingray accident yesterday. He was diving and was stung by a stingray to his chest (near his heart). Irwin died soon after being hit by the barb while he was filming a documentary at Batt Reef, near Low Isles off Port Douglas in north Queensland, Australia. Doctors and biologists around the world consider this accident "rare" and "unusual" -- stingrays do not usually inflict this type of damage.

I don't know of anyone that didn't enjoy watching Steve as he traveled across the world, documenting all types of animals and critters...and of course, crocodiles.

He will be sadly missed by his family and by his fans. He died doing what he loved the most -- showing what animals can do.