Friday, May 11, 2007

King Herod's resting place found (possibly)

After 30 years of looking for Herod's tomb, Dr. Netzer thinks he finally found it.

On March 2007, we saw one group who supposedly studied the Talpiot tomb for 2-3 years, but keeping to themselves before sharing with academia. What happened? The tunnel vision effect of the research was rejected by secular and Christian scholars. They could have saved time and a bit of their reputations by allowing others to see what they were working on. In short, The Lost Tomb of Jesus was a flap.

On May 2007, after 30 years of searching, Dr. Netzer announces he has found Herod's tomb (possibly). But no documentary or mass media book released -- it's too early for that, he wants everyone to look at what he is working on so they can help him. Dr. Netzer, a true archaeologist and academic scholar, is inviting peer review to make sure his research is sound before they move on and get anything published.

Good move Dr. Netzer.

You can see the press release here.

For more information about Jewish tombs and whether Talpiot was the final resting place of Jesus, take a look at this book:

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