Tuesday, May 29, 2007

FSBPT puts all new Philippines physical therapists on hold

JULY 2010 UPDATE: ENOUGH ALREADY FSBPT!  We're sick and tired of your abuse of power.  Visit here to fight back against FSBPT legally!

New physical therapy (PT) candidates across the United States hoping to work as physical therapists in their jurisdictions are receiving a very sad letter. The Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy (FSBPT), which oversees and administers physical therapy exams, is withholding the test scores of all new Filipino applicants (Philippines) due to the actions of a couple of review centers in Manila.

According to FSBPT's own web site, the drama unfolded on January 26, 2007:

On Friday, January 26, 2007, agents of the Philippines National Bureau of Investigation, Intellectual Property Rights Division (“NBI-IPRD”) raided two locations of the St. Louis Review Center (“SLRC”) in Manila. The raids were conducted following a complaint made by the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy (“FSBPT”) that SLRC was believed to be using copyrighted test items from the National Physical Therapy Exam (“NPTE”) in its NPTE preparation courses.

Prior to the raids, agents of the NBI-IPRD conducted a criminal surveillance operation of the test centers, which confirmed the unlawful use of the test items. Specifically, SLRC was found to be providing its students with copies of actual NPTE test items that candidates who had previously taken the exam recalled by memory..."

From what I gather, certain individuals were purposely memorizing questions on the board exam and returning/selling those questions back to the review centers in Manila.

FSBPT's president, E. Dargan Ervin, Jr., along with other officials from the organization has decided to hold and not report any test scores of any new candidates from the Philippines effective May 16th, 2007.

As a result, effective May 16th, scores of all candidates who graduated from Philippine physical therapy education programs and sat for the National Physical Therapy Examination [NPTE] will be held and not reported to candidates or jurisdictions pending a full investigation of these matters. In its investigation, FSBPT will psychometrically analyze the data, and seek input from the testing community, legal staff, jurisdictions and government authorities of the Philippines."

Firstly, I'm not a physical therapist, but many of my friends and family members are. I'm angry towards those that tried to cheat the system, who selfishly thought they could get away with something like this. Why not concentrate your efforts on studying and learning rather than cheating?

Secondly, I'm angry at FSBPT. The decision they have made here is a knee jerk reaction (no pun intended). This is a massive, discriminatory, countrywide action against a specific race of people. This type of discriminatory action is illegal in almost all business settings. For instance, try saying, all African-Americans (blacks) are now banned from getting the results of their scores for their driver's license test because some blacks cheated. You would have several hundreds of protestors right outside of DMV offices across the United States.

The Philippines's medical/health schools has tried to answer the medical needs of America. The schools have provided quality nurses and physical therapists, and have done so with honor. These Filipino health workers study, apply for visa screens, educate themselves in U.S. laws and practices, and fly over 10,000 miles to take this test legally only to be spit at. Many of those that fly over have spent their life's savings just to take this test, they do so wanting to make sure they come to the United States legally and to work here legally.

To punish an entire country because of a few idiots is tragic, unethical, and to me, illegal. It is my hope that the investigation is completed quickly, and I hope there is a better process in FSBPT to tackle these problems rather than punishing an entire country.

What should I do?
You could sit and wait and hope for the best. But if you do not like discrimination, if you do not like abuse of power, here are some suggestions:

1. You can fax FSBPT at (703) 299-3110, and call them at (703) 299-3100 and write to them at 509 Wythe Street, Alexandria, Virginia 22314. You should also e-mail them at: Administrator@fsbpt.org. It is important that you send and communicate your dissatisfaction across all lines of communication, to make sure they receive the message.

2. Even if you are not a candidate, if you disagree with the discriminatory actions taken by the FSBPT that affects the life savings of thousands of candidates and applicants, you should communicate your dissatisfaction to FSBPT. Please be cordial as possible, along the lines of: "While I agree that an investigation needs to be conducted, I disagree with discriminating against an entire country."

3. If you are a U.S. citizen, write to your congressman and senator.

4. Write to your attorney general's office (U.S. citizen or legal resident) and ask for an investigation on the legality of such discriminatory practices.

5. Write to your physical therapy state board body.

6. Contact all Asian and Filipino associations and ask them if they should tolerate FSBPT's discriminatory actions, especially on Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month.

7. If you are a lawyer or know of a lawyer in your state, ask them if they know of any state statutes that FSBPT may have broken since their ban is across all states.

8. Contact physical therapy associations in your state and lobby for support.


polaris said...

All very well said. I agree that this is some form of discriminatory act, why would everyone suffer to pay for the fault of some, this, i don't understand.

The PT community should act as one towards targeting a meaningful purpose.

You have an interesting blog. More power, it's a very good read!

Edwardson Ignacio said...

This is very sad news to all us PTs in the Philippines. I am here in Florida right now ready to apply for an eligibility from FSBPT to take the NPTE when I heard this news from friends. I took my first exam on February, but failed. Now that I think I am ready to take the exam again these letters were sent. I think that it is not just that everyone has to suffer. Right now, I don't know if I want to apply for an exam now or later, but my time is running out I am only allowed to stay here until the end of July. I want to make sure that all my expenses for this exam will not go into waste. The worst thing that could happen here is that in the end they might invalidate everyone who took the exams from May 16 onwards. It's sad, but it's our fault because this is the way we are. We are corrupt and undisciplined. I'm really disappointed with the Filipino race right now, i really think that there's no hope for us.

Publisher said...


Understandably, you are sad and distraught not only because of the February test but because of these letters.

While it is true that some people choose to be corrupt, that isn't applicable to everyone.

The United States has a high rate of obesity, but that doesn't mean every American lacks self-control in their diet. Neither should we consider the actions of some Filipinos as a standard to describe the entire race. Filipinos across the United States have answered the medical needs of America and from all the medical personnel I know, Filipino health workers have always been held in high regard.

I have no problem with FSBPT investigating leaks, but I have a problem with FSBPT's discrimination and mass branding that everyone is guilty before proven innocent. That isn't the America that I know.

July said...

Please do not make this a racist issue. The review centers have committed a crime. The crime is not only localized to the four corners of their buildings. It has reached the many hands of PTs hoping to pass and have passed the FSBT. And that's the main point of it all.

Irregardless of race, religion, sex, culture, etc. anybody who has committed a crime should be held liable. FSBPT is only protecting the integrity of the profession. We should go back to the simple truths of CONSCIENCE, which is quite obvious those people who shared those recalled questions for many years did not have at all. When we have honestly worked on achieving something and succeeding in doing so, it is sweet and a deserving victory. But if you had used means which are not right, by cheating, yes, success is still sweet but is it truthfulling deserving? NO. Could you really be confident enough to say you have answered the question pertaining to what would eventually be life-saving with your own common sense. When you are faced with an actual situation would you be able to think logically or should you go back to the recalled questions copy you have so safely hidden?

Colleagues, this is not a racist issue. If the Indians, Chinese, Americans, Africans have been found to have cheated through their own review centers, then I am sure, the same sanctions will be implemented. Just so happens, we, Filipinos are more often than not very notorious with these kinds of activities. Unfortunately or fortunately, they got caught. Everyone will have to pay!

Let us not make a boomerang out of this. People were at fault. Do not cover up what they have done by making it another issue. No one had the conscience to stop the cheating because everyone knew it would benefit them. It would help them pass, go to the US and earn dollars. But is it really worth it when you know you ARE NOT EQUIPPED WITH THE KNOWLEDGE and might eventually contribute to the death of an innocent patient.

This is not a racist issue. This is cheating. It's even in the 10 commandments. Think about it.

Publisher said...


Here's some interesting facts...

* APTA's PT Bulletin, September 13, 2002, Volume 3 Issue 38 reported that FSBPT was investigating cheaters.
* FSBPT Vol 19 No 3 reported during a meeting in Utah that cheating was prevalent in the United States (Professor Hogan was quoted).
* Ann Tyminski, Executive Director of the Maryland Board of Physical Therapy Advisors and a member of the FSBPT Board of Directors gave an update in 2004 that FSBPT was pursuing four candidates that had committed copyright violations of NPTE.

Ask yourselves, if FSBPT found cheaters in the United States but didn't "withhold test scores"/"temporarily ban" new United States applicants from licensure, wouldn't you say that's discriminatory? How come it seems it only applies to the Philippines? If this isn't discrimination, what would you call it? Would you not agree that a minority of people cheated and not the majority? Should the majority be punished for the minority then? People paid a significant amount of money to go to the United States only to find their test scores withheld and their livelihoods put at stake.

Considering people as guilty until proven innocent is not only un-American, but does not belong in this century. Its interesting that you've opened up to the Ten Commandments, which declares bearing false witness as a sin. By withholding all Filipinos test scores and effectively banning them from licensure, FSBPT is effectively telling all new Filipino applicants they are guilty until they can prove they are innocent. If that isn't bearing false witness, I don't know what is.

Jenny Garcia said...

I strongly agree to dohboy. I support FSBPT's effort to keep the integrity of the PT profession. However, I do believe that this action is unlawful, racist and a violation of human rights. These people paid to take their exams and they have the right to their own test results. If FSBPT has evidence against anybody, then file a lawsuit individually but do not generalize based on race.

There are Filipinos who have been in the U.S. a long time and have not heard of these review centers and in no way connected to them. However, their career and lives are on hold because of this decision.

I think that July is able to say what he said because he is not in the same position as all the others who git caught in the middle of this mess. I'm sure if he was, he would feel differently. I refuse to accept the connotation that ALL Filipinos are corrupt, undisciplined and cheaters. It's like when Webster's dictionary described Filipinos as domestic helpers just because a lot of Filipinos sacrifice to support their families. Filipinos who continue to put down their fellow Filipinos should look at themselves closely in the mirror. (The bible also said, whoever has no sin should throw the first stone!!!) I think that ALL Filipinos should strive to stop rampant cheating but should also not stand by and let racist actions like this happen.

hot porridge said...

I attended the review center and took the test even before this "hold order" came out. It was tempting because they promised 100%passing rate. I am aware of the fact that they are using olt test qurstions. I went to the US to take the test on a tourist visa and went back home after the exam. I passed it though and am now waiting for my visa interview in the embassy here in Manila. My question is, will they pass the names of those who attended the review centers also to the US embassy so they can hold my visa? I am really troubled....

mickey said...

"I think that ALL Filipinos should strive to stop rampant cheating but should also not stand by and let racist actions like this happen."

very well said babyko..i hope others will get the point.

Unknown said...


Yes, this issue right now with Filipino PTs in some point of view can be regarded as discriminatory but let us not forget the fact that a CRIME has been committed and as much as Id like to point out that people involved should have respected the security aggreement when they took the NPTE then our RACE wouldnt have been facing this situation we are in right now in the first place....but as the old saying goes "regrets always comes last", and as much as id like to say let this be a lesson but it seems most of us filipinos are so hardheaded.

Dont get me wrong I love & am proud of being a Filipino but this is one instance that I am NOT...isnt the incident last year about the nurses exams lesson enough???Do we think we are infallible???That we could get away with doing what is illegal???Sooner or later somebody will know, and what a luck that people never thought of that before, all they ever thought was achieving their goals and damn the consequences...well here it is!!! Its true its a tough world out there & each has to survive on its own but we dont need to lose our dignity for that....WE ARE ALL RESPONSIBLE FOR OUR ACTIONS....

Filipinos are good, hardworking people and we have our faults & attitudes too as much as other race have...and I half disagree with edwardson we are only corrupt & undiscipline coz we allow it to be but ITS NOT WHO & WHAT WE ARE!!There is always hope when its gone then there will be nothing for us then...

I am in the profession and my sympathies are with my colleagues & friends who are directly involved and my empathies to us All practicing PTs here who are not even involved, since we will still be affected, as July pointed out the crime is not only localized in the four corners of the building and as we aptly termed "PT networking" & has reached the hands of other therapist not even involved with SLRC....The best we can do is Hope and Pray that this case will be resolved as quickly as it can be and with fair judgement.

Blind Chameleon said...

I share most of the sentiments written here. It's unfortunate that every Filipino therapists hoping to get a license in the US have to suffer the consequence of this incident.

As much as Philippine PT schools take pride in producing quality PTs, the FSBPT has its own reputation and pride to hold. It maybe a single and localized incident but it sure stuck out like a red stain on a white shirt. I'm sure nobody wants to wear that. The analogy is pretty straight forward and thus I am not at all surprised why FSBPT did it.

I don't think this is a racial issue. I never read the whole article of the news but the exerp in this blog did not mention anything about banning all Filipino PTs from getting US license--just with holding the results of exam pending investigation. It's possible that there is more review centers involved... they just wanna make sure nobody from that illegal operation slips through the cracks. Right now it doesn't sound final... let's just hope FSBPT has the decency to eventually award the scores to the rightful ones.

Unknown said...

I think what FSBPT should do, since they know what specific review center committed the "crime", is get the names of all those who enrolled in the review class, and hold the test scores of only those people, instead of a swiping hold order on all Filipino who sits for the exam. Holding the test scores of all Filipino NPTE candidates would be so unfair. How about those who came here long before these happened and who haven't even heard of that particular review center? Why should they be "punished", too?
Those rotten ones who chose to cheat should only be the ones to suffer the consequences of their actions. I'm sure they know that the review center is giving out NPTE "review" questions/mock exams that's why they enrolled there, and they should be totally be banned from practicing PT, not only here in the States but also back home. I am a Filipino PT licensed in NY and CT. I came here and reviewed by myself without enrolling in any review course. It was a long, hard endeavor but I luckily made it. I know a lot of Filipino PTs who are here since 2000 and have tried, taken and failed the test. Now that they have finally passed it, this thing came up. Should their scores be on hold, too? I don't understand!

Jenny Garcia said...

To our fellow PTs out there that are supporting this cause. Thank you very much! I myself was not aware of this review centers until recently. I am also a licensed physical therapist in the US and the Philippines and I take pride that this is a fruit of all my hard work. I did a lot of sacrifices to get where I am now. However, that don't give me a right to judge my colleagues.

To Doris, I think that your blunt connotation that those who enrolled on the alleged review centers had the motive to cheat is very slanderous. You have no right to say that unless you have proof that everyone actually did. You are not a lawyer, nor an investigator and most of all... you are not GOD. You have no right to judge other people.

Those who judge other people will be judged as well in the eyes of the Lord. Only God knows who cheated and who didn't. The point here is if FSBPT has the evidence as they claim, then they should follow the due process. File a lawsuit then the accused will at least have the chance to avenge themselves and prove their innocence.

I feel really bad for those PTs who got to the US and have so much pride in them that it's eating their entire personality. Please look back where you came from and help others who are still struggling to reach their dreams. HUWAG KAYONG MAYABANG and MAPANG HUSGA!!!

If there was indeed recalled questions, then FSBPT now have the burden of proving that everyboy received it and that those who passed coming from the review centers had the advantage. So what about those who tookk the review and did not pass, does that mean they did not receive the recalled. To those who passed, can FSBPT really prove it's because of those recalled questions?

I am not saying the guilty ones shouldn't pay. The point here is that in any given situation, the law should prevail and justice should be served following due process.

No I did not review in these review centers. But I do believe that many of the Filipino PT's are very talented and intelligent individuals and that as a person, they should be given a chance to redeeem themselves.

Once again, those who do not have any helpful and good things to say. Just shut up! Your opinions are not needed. This is a hot issue as it is and we do not need people like you adding to the gravity of the situation. NAKADAPA NA NGA MGA KABABAYAN NIYO TINATAPAKAN NIYO PA!!! MAHIYA NAMAN KAYO SA BALAT NIYO!

There are hundred of other PT's who made it to the US by their own blood and sweat and hindi lang kayo. I wonder why kayo lang nag rereact ng ganyan. Feeling niyo nadehado kayo? You already passed di ba? If you are good and as you guys claim you are, then you don't have to worry about your name being stained.

Some of our patients already know about the situation and do they think we're cheaters? NO!!!! They even offer their help for this situation. These are Americans....in the mean time, kapwa pinoy are pulling down their kapwa Pinoy? You're even worse than cheaters! You are a shame to the Filipino community. you are the reasons why Filipino's can get ahead in life because you guys keep pulling them down. I hope that you will dwell in this as you go to bed at night. That's all and May God bless you all and clear your mind and soul!

July said...

I apologize for offending you with my sentiments but it is the truth. FSBPT have investigated on possible cheating and violations they have come across, but unfortunately, for the review centers in the Philippines they were caught red-handed with the illegal materials. That's more proof than anyone could ever ask for. We can't have our cake and eat it, too. We can't simply violate rules and regulations and when we get caught, we dive to self-pity and diversion from the real issue.

Copyright violations affect the authors, not the examination itself. Should they have proven that piracy/ copyright violations occurred, the authors and/or publishers must've dealt with those four accused. If there is such a thing as international copyright, we would again top the list. Let's not forget we are very fond of recopied materials. It might add up to the list of violations we are already accused of. Let's not push the copyright issue, we are again very guilty of it.

The official or authorized review books are different from recalled questions.

If finding illegal study materials in the hands of entities responsible in preparing hundreds and even thousands of people to eventually save lives is still "bearing false witness", then I don't know what isn't.

We Filipinos have numerous desirable qualities that have often been recognized internationally and have put us on a pedestal. But it's the same qualities that have been utilized to eventually destroy us.

Let us learn from the nursing exam issue. It was a painful experience. Can we just please try to do things the right, though arduous, way?

In situations like these, it will always be the entire country affected, not just those in the four corners of SLRC, etc.

It's the real, hard, painful truth.

Let's not be arrogant, let's be humble and accepting that some of our fellowmen have let us down. Let's not allow it to happen anymore.

I am a therapist, too. I have come across recalled questions yet never thought it could me help me in my review. They were very vague, anyhow. I pain-stakingly read my books, cried in-between, prayed and prayed and prayed! And when I passed, I knew I deserved it.

There were more of those who studied truthfully, I know that. My heart goes to the PT's who have done the same thing I did and now affected by the actions of those who took the road less travelled by. They have silently gone through the path and have strongly affected everybody else's lives now.

What say you about SLRC? I haven't heard any comments on the culprits.

Jenny Garcia said...

That's exactly the point here. FSBPT are going after the reviewers. In the mean time, the alleged review center is still operating in the Philippines. Did they close it down? I don't think so. Because for them to do so, they have to file the formal charges. When we called the Philippines, they said that the owner of the said review center already hired his lawyer and is ready if FSBPT files a case against him. But has it happened yet? No!

Meanwhile, FSBPT held the scores of all the NPTE takers effective May 16th. The letters they sent to advise them were sent May 23rd. We're Filipinos given enough notice? I guess not! Was that fair? I guess not! Now, have you checked FSBPT lately? Did you find anything on the website indicating their most recent action against the Filipino graduated PTs? maybe I'm blind or computer illeterate but I didn't find anything? Why do you think that is? Most of the Filipinos know about this problem due to word of mouth. Some of the PTs affected have checked their status recently and there is no indication that they even registered and took the test. Why do you think that is? Shouldn't it say pending? Also, they said on the letter that future test takers can register and sit for the exam but their scores will not be released. However, there is no announcement like this on the website. So they continue to take clueless Filipino's hard earned money. I just think that is so unfair.

I think that people shouldn't say anything unless they are backed by information. Yes we know there's allegatioons that review questions were released! Wether those who were enrolled in the review centers got those questions are a matter of discussion. Like you said, you encountered it yourself but you chose not to even bother with it. Do you think other people on that review center did the same? MOST DEFINITELY! The point here is that FSBPT should go after the review center first. Then if they want to deal with the individuals, then they can most definitely do so...but they should follow due process.

I am not saying in any way that we should let this pass. This is out of our hands. The purpose of this discussion is to help those that are caught in the situation and at the same time, to condone cheating. However, we are not the court so we don't have the right to judge. Let's leave this to the professionals. I think that dohboy started this blog in the hopes that he can give useful info to other Pinoys out there caught in the situation. So I suggest that those who have other plans in mind (to degrade Pinoys) should start their own blog.

God bless us all!

Unknown said...

to babyko, eto ang comment ko o, pakibasa ulit...it's directed to those who enrolled in the review center. i am not judging anyone. galit na galit ka? sino ba pi-null down ko...sabi ko nga, yung mga nag-enroll lang sa review center na yun ang parusahan di ba? nabasa mo ba yung report? nakakuha ang NBI ng evidences that the said review center is indeed using NPTE questions, kaya nga nagputok ang butse ng FSBPT at hinold ang score ng LAHAT ng Filipino test takers. Eh pano naman yung mga ni hindi alam kung nassan yung review center na yun? Malinaw ang sinabi ko, hold the scores of only those who enrolled in that review ceneter, and not put a swiping hold order on all filipino test takers.

"I think what FSBPT should do, since they know what specific review center committed the "crime", is get the names of all those who enrolled in the review class, and hold the test scores of only those people, instead of a swiping hold order on all Filipino who sits for the exam. Holding the test scores of all Filipino NPTE candidates would be so unfair. How about those who came here long before these happened and who haven't even heard of that particular review center? Why should they be "punished", too?"

Cool ka lang okay? May tinutulungan ksi akong PT na kadadating lang from the Philippines, green card holder sya, licensed PT sya sa atin pero hindi nag-practice ng pagka-PT dun.Ngayong na-approve na yung petition ng parents nya sa kanya, dito naman sya kukuha ng exam para dito mag-PT. She is trying to get a linited permit, with me as her supervisor, pero ayaw din syang bigyan ng limited permit dahil dito sa issue na ito. Naaawa lang ako sa kanya dahil nga pati yung mga walang kaalam-alam, damay. Cool ka lang mare, kaw kaya magdasal...bka tumaas blood pressure mo, ma-stroke ka pa...kaw pa i-rehab sa halip na ikaw nangre-rehabilitate. easy okay?

randyp said...

I have some interesting reading done at the fsbpt site.Check out the forum magazines under publication. Start from the year 2003.

The term is item MRD, which means item Memorization for Reproduction and Distribution.

Through these publications, we can state for a fact that MRD is not new and isolated in our country (even other professions are involved) .But im still trying to browse through all their issues about their course of action regarding this matter.NOT ONCE HAve i read of witholding exam results of examinees coming from a single country.There is no precedent of this kind of action from that same organization.Well, I could be wrong.Maybe there is.I hope there is.Because if not, i think this is discrimatory.

To have taken this action, the FSBPT must have some very convincing evidence, meaning the distribution of copyrighted materials must have been rampant in the whole country,schools and exam review centers.

Their most likely course of action is litigation of those individuals who violated copyrighted materials.

As ive been following this issue,there has been no charges brought forward to the specific organization who is suspected of violating copyright issues.

So,why burden all Filipino NPTE test takers?I hope FSBPT can answer this.There must be some other way.

Take heart fellow Filipino PT's.We are honest, hardworking, intelligent (some are brilliant),compassionate and responsible health workers.Nobody can deny that.We have studied hard, worked harder to attain that distinction from other nationalities.And so many people have recognized that. Don't let this issue stain that honor that we rightfully deserve.

Again, check out their magazine forum.I hope we can all be enlightened.

Jenny Garcia said...

I quote Doris... Those rotten ones who chose to cheat should only be the ones to suffer the consequences of their actions. I'm sure they know that the review center is giving out NPTE "review" questions/mock exams that's why they enrolled there, and they should be totally be banned from practicing PT, not only here in the States but also back home.

I'm sorry but no matter what your motive is, this kind of accusation is unacceptable. Hindi lang ikaw ang may tinutulungan. I too am in the process of helping some of my friends to get here as a PT. But since all these happened, matatagalan and process. One of my friend has a working visa that will expire in October and she is very frustrated because if worse comes to worse, she will go home broke and with so much debt than she can imagine.

My husband, took his exam after the 16th. We've been in the states for 2 years and have not heard of this review center until recently, his scores were held too. I am angry at the review center and FSBPT at the same time. But I do not dare point my finger to all who enrolled on that review center because I wasn't there. Yes they were able to seize materials. How sure are you that everybody who enrolled actually received that material? The truth is FSBPT does not have enough evidence to prove intent to cheat for al those enrolled which is why they generalized the situation.

Whatever! I don't think any amount of explanation will make you open your mind about this issue anyway. I still stand firm with what I said before... let us not be the judge of this situation. Rather, let's put our heads together to help the situation. We have already contacted our local PT boards and they will be holding an emergency conference regarding this matter. We have sent letters to prominent people who may be able to intervene. My question to those na dakdak ng dakdak... what have you done to help? Sana meron di ba? Para di naman kayo puro dada!!!

Instead of spending your time trying to be somebody you're not qualified to become... try to help na lang in your own little way. Kawawa naman iyung friend mo eh.

vamp said...

woww, you guys better cool down.. i, too, am concerned and worried about this issue right now about our "race" being scrutinized by the fsbpt. while i agree with them (fsbpt)in conducting their own investigation on this matter, it is just SENSELESS if we filipinos would NOT stand behind each others' back during these times. in stead of having these 'heated' arguments (w/c ALL lead to nothing), why dont WE just find a common way where all PT filipinos across the globe to file a petition/ appeal (first) to our local PT board (PRC), for them to appeal to our Phil. govt, then to fsbpt, or to whoever should be/ is/ are involved in this case.

im a licensed PT, too, back home, as most of you guys are, so i also share the same sentiment. like some of you, im only waiting to be scheduled to sit for the NPTE when this happened. im currently residing in canada, but im applying to be licensed in the US since there's a much better opportunity for me there than here. and now that this has happened, i would still have to wait for an indefinite period of time before they can actually schedule me for the exam. not only that, i also have friends and classmates who actually enrolled in those "on-going" review classes of SLRC and im worried for them as well because like what have been previously said, these people have given up so much (eg as to their livelihood, etc) just to get a taste of the american dream, and yet, just because of some "cheaters" back home, would kill this american dream from becoming a reality for them.

poor filipino PTs.. very talented, hard-working, patient, and dedicated people, discriminated because of some greedy businessma/e/n's "faster-way-to-earn-money" scheme. ..very saddening.

..btw, i wonder WHO spilled the beans about the SLRC to the fsbpt?..(hmmmmm) i wonder WHY he/she spilled it.. maybe he/she didnt get enough recalled test materials?? (haha).. or that he/she failed the exam and wanted to get back at the review center for not being able to "guarantee" her success on the exam??.. or, that he/she has plans of putting up his/ her own "review center" and just trying to divert everyone's attention and trying to ruin SLRC's reputation by doing this on purpose?? (because he/she sees them as a big competitor in terms of the number of reviewees).. but whatever intention that person has/had, i strongly believe that he/she should have thought of the consequences we ALL have to face. (and i bet y'all, he/she is NOT as "clean" as he/she would claim to be when it's already time for confrontation)

RX said...

Keep cool! guys,
I just want to challenge fsbpt to file necessary charges to slrc if they really have enough proof that cheating really occured. Its been almost 6 months since the raid happened last jan 26. QUESTION, If there is truth to the claim that they have seized enough evidence that cheating really occured,why is there no charges filed to the proper courts?Ask yourselves.People! Please! Stop throwing accusations after accusations to your fellow filipinos!Let us just support each other as a member of one race. Accusing someone without proof is very bad. Leave that to the fsbpt. Throwing negative accusations will not, in any way, help us! If you do not have anything good to say, just be QUIET!

Aki said...

hahaha! 'lam ko kung sino tinutukoy mo Vamp.....he/she nga sya diba? hahaha! karmahin din sana :)

I believe that this should be resolved in a due process. Prosecute only those who are proven guilty...like St. Louis diba? yung review center lang! Kasi how sure naman diba yung mga reviewees na yun nga talaga yung lalabas sa exam? Lahat naman ata ng review center promise of a 100% passing...

Tsaka, speaking of cheating, di lang naman ata pinoy ang marunong nyan...

Hay! Sana ma resolve na yan ASAP kasi ang init init tsaka ang hirap hirap na dito saatin :)

Kung bakit kasi walang maraming hiring nang PT dito saatin...Sino ba ang nagpa uso nyang volunteer-volunteer na yan! Marami namang kailangang i-rehabilitate dito saatin...wala nga lang nagbibigay ng decent salary kasi puro inaasa na lang sa mga volunteers!!! Sana magka meron nang resolution na bawal na ang mga volunteers diba...

Unknown said...

I am one of the PT exam eligible who recieved the sad letter from FSBT last May, 2007. However around June, 2007,I recieved another letter from them that reverses the hold stated at the first letter. So, I took my exam last June but failed with score very close to passing. Now as I am preparing to retake it again, there is a quiet alarming analysis, around the PT Filipino community who took the exam after the hold was lifted. Apparently, most of these NPTE takers after the score hold lifting were not able to pass the exam. What is more doubtful is that even the cream of the crop takers from the top Philippines PT school were given a failing score after. Now, I'm not a conspirational theorist nor an alarmmist. I am more on a logical research. If you are one of the described above, help me clear this issue by posting a comment or reaction. Thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

As a US MD in New York, I have employed many philippine physical therapist and have found them to be excellently trained, knowledable and professional. I regret the actions of a few has caused the entire profession to suffer. -doc1168@yahoo.com

lionsystems said...

can i comment on the issue against SLRC as raised by individuals/organisations.
first, SLRC is actually doing what it is supposed to do. as a review centre, SLRC has given the paying reviewees good chance to pass the exams. second, the examinees did not cheat! as a blogger yourself, you can probably attest that results of many/varied previous exams can be had in the internet. third, the exams(NPTE) has become predictable. wise up! if you did not notice what is already there, then what good is your education? it is not the examinees or review centre's fault that the exams are not updated more often. maybe resourcefulness and technology is catching up on them. fourth, hmn... crab mentality? you can guess who made a big hoohaah! out of this. fifth, in this journey one should get there(job)and get there first(better job)! and i'll bet my money on to any review centre who can get me there.
this is an opinion. thanks for reading.


Hey, Edwardson, speak of yourself alone, not the rest of us honest Filipinos. Kaya ka siguro di pumasa, mababa ang pagtingin mo sa sariling pagkatao.

For everyone's info, FSBPT found the same copyright infringement acts involving a review center in the US (American Healthcare Review Center -- see FSBT website), but did not ban Americans from taking the NPTE. This is discrimination, plain and simple.

By the way, the copyright infringement suit was dismissed TWICE by the Philippie DOJ for failure of the FSBPT to present copyright registration papers, among other things. It is a simple enough requirement: present your registration papers, yet, FSBPT failed to do it.

So they want to pressure our new admin to reverse the DOJ decision? Hmmmm.

yep i said it said...

i knew something was going on with all these Philippines coming to the US especially within the last 2 years...seemed real strange that they were able to pass the exam even on their first attempt. i am an OT and have seen many incompetent Philippine PT's who dont know what the hell they are doing and now i know why. hopefully this is a learning lesson for the cheaters and the many US companies who hired you guys so they can pay you pennies for your work. Americans have more PT jobs now to pick from.

Publisher said...

"yep i said it said" -- The only problem with your ignorant statement is that there's no evidence that the PTs in the Philippines are not smarter than you.

By all means, it seems they not only work harder, but have better command of the English language than you. They also make statements that's evidence-based, but your statements are based on false assumptions.

Issaquah chiropractor said...

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jobs Manila said...

I hope it's already been lifted to make way for the new graduates on physical therapy here in the country.