Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Democrats show true colors: Kerry suggests U.S. troops uneducated

In a speech to college students, Democratic senator John Kerry tells his audience to try hard in educational opportunities because if you don't, you'll end up in Iraq. If Kerry is a representation of the Democratic party and their attitudes towards the U.S. military (which is the most educated military in the world), you won't find me voting for that party.

In fact, the United States military is considered to be more educated than the general population.

"In summary, we found that, on average, 1999 recruits were more highly educated than the equiv­alent general population, more rural and less urban in origin, and of similar income status."

Source: Heritage Foundation
URL: http://www.heritage.org/Research/NationalSecurity/cda05-08.cfm

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Use of mobile phones causes male infertility?

The Cleveland Clinic, a clinic reknown for its fertility studies, have recently released a study that seems to suggest mobile phones as the cause for some cases of male infertility. According to Dr. Agarwal, he found that sperm count, viability, motility and shape declined as mobile phone usage increased.

While some may say that the electromagnetic waves or heat is causing this, there may be another reason that's more common. You see, if a person is on the cell phone for four hours a day or more, more than likely he has:

1. A high stress job, which is known to cause adverse effects to the body
2. A non-physical job, where he is less mobile and doesn't exercise as much

At any rate, further study needs to be done in order to make a conclusive decision on whether cell phones really affect male fertility. But if this study suggest anything, it is our habits and our lifestyles that affect us the most. Get off the phone and do something useful.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Some iPods carry viruses due to Apple's negligence

Apple announced recently that some of the new iPods they released had viruses in them.

Critics claimed this is unlike Apple. They usually have a good process for quality checks. What was disheartening to hear was that Apple blamed their stupidity on Microsoft. This was posted on their web site:

"As you might imagine, we are upset at Windows for not being more hardy against such viruses, and even more upset with ourselves for not catching it."

How unfortunate that they blamed Microsoft for their stupidity versus looking at themselves in the mirror. I've learned in life that when you make a mistake, you admit to the problem versus trying to say it's someone else's fault. It'll save you headaches.

At any rate, this was a bad PR blow for Apple. First for not having proper quality checks and for bad sportsmanship. Don't blame others for your mistake. I've had Windows XP since it was released and never had a single virus. It isn't the operating system, it is the user.

Note to Apple marketing execs: Just because you have 1% market share and don't have as many uneducated users, that doesn't mean your operating system is more secure. It just means no viruses are infecting Macs because nobody cares about Macs in the hacker realm. Why would hackers design a virus for 1% of the Internet population?

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Sudan genocide continues - Bush might be facing Clinton's Rwanda

Man killed by helicopter gunship burning village.

Man murdered outside of his village.

Village burned down by hostile helicopter gunships.

There is currently inaction in Sudan, because the country refuses to accept UN peacekeepers. The United Nations does not want to impose on the country that's killing its citizens.

Come on people! Wake up. We have people dying every day because of killings, diseases, etc. The country of Sudan is a shameful example of what happens when an Islamic government (church and state) takes power. It is a killing machine.

Here is one of the African Union's pictures regarding Sudan's violations of the cease fire. The photographer is an ex-US Marine (Brian Steidle) who's quite saddened that he couldn't fight people that was killing civilians. All he had was a camera and a pen.

What Can You Do?
Write to your politicians! Don't let Sudan become another Rwanda. Let people know that you care. Write letters to newspaper editors and TV broadcast stations -- make them cover this and put it in front of the media.