Monday, May 14, 2007

Dan Barry, New York Times, consults Don Sausa on Utah land article

A week or so ago, I posted some real estate problems in Box Elder County, Utah. Little did I know part of my research would go on national news.

Dan Barry, a New York Times columnist, travels nationally to look at the sight and sounds of America. On a restaurant stop, he picked up a local newspaper and found an interesting story about illegal subdividing and land sales in Box Elder County, Utah. He finds out the person doing the original subdividing and hunts down the story. He goes on Google, looks for information regarding the land owner and finds my research on my blog.

He shoots me an email, then we chat on the phone, and I give him some info, and bwam, like a master craftsman, he's got a hot story posted here.

Well, that's one more publication for the resume I guess.

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Cat Rambo said...

I actually got a little benefit out of the purchase, since it ended up inspiring a piece of fiction that appeared in the winter issue of Shimmer Magazine, but I can't say I'm not heartily annoyed by the whole episode. Thank you for posting details about the scam - I'd come home from a two week vacation to find the noncompliance notice and had no idea what was going on.