Sunday, April 25, 2021

How to mine Dogecoin on Windows in 10 minutes

 How To Setup Windows to Mine Dogecoin in 10 Minutes

I was curious one day on how easy would it be to actually mine cryptocurrency, especially new ones like Dogecoin, with an old PC rig using Windows 10 and an old video card like GTX 1050 Ti. After setup, I left it alone for a few hours and to my surprise, I got some Dogecoin!

Here's step by step how to do it!
  • Get a Dogecoin wallet. Download a wallet. I went to the official Dogecoin web site and downloaded Dogecoin Core for Windows 10, 64-bit. You will get a wallet address that you can then put into your miner program. Please note that the Dogecoin Core sometimes takes hours/days to synch with the historical wallet. It has to process transaction blocks from day 1. There is a shortcut to reduce the download time by downloading the boostrap data file separately here.
  • Download unMineable for Windows. I went to the unMineable web site and clicked on Download on the top left, then downloaded the Packed version.

  • Add your Dogecoin wallet address to unMineable. You simply get the wallet address from Dogecoin Core (see screenshot below) and copy/paste that to unMineable.

You're done, go turn on unMineable and start mining!

Disclaimers: First, Windows' antivirus scanners do not like mining software. It will flag it as malware. Sad truth is, many hackers have placed these miners in other PCs all over the world. It's good that Windows does this, but bad false positives as well if you're not a hacker and you just want to mine your own coin. Also, this is not investment advice and consider it entertainment. No warranty implied in any of these instructions, whether you are successful or not, or blow up your PC in the process, that's on you and you alone.