Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry Christmas - and the reason why

Christ is the reason for Christmas. There is no if's and but's about it. Politically correct or not, culturally respectful or not, 96% of Americans celebrate Christmas in one form or another.

Christmas is the symbolic day that Jesus Christ, the Son of God and Messiah was born on earth. Some have highlighted the pagan origins of December holidays and that Christ was born probably more towards the spring time; however, recent theological work shows there's legitimate reasons for December 25th as the time to celebrate Christ's birthday.

Why should Christ's birth celebration be a controversy? Historically, Christ existed according to historians like Josephus. His themes of giving, self-sacrifice, and love transcends throughout any culture, race, religion, or barrier. He has influenced the world, dare I say, than anyone else.

Christianity recognizes Him as God. Islam recognizes Him as a prophet. Buddhist considers Him as a good teacher and the Jews consider Him a rabbi. It should be a compliment when I say Merry Christmas. That means I'm hoping that you and your family will enjoy a warm spirit of love, giving, and self-sacrifice this season. And these characteristics are definitely politically correct and culturally respected...

Merry Christmas! -Don Sausa

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