Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Is a 4 year college degree still important for a career?

Some have asked me in the past what is the purpose of a 4 year college education when you can find jobs without having a degree or with an associates. The true answer to this question is dependent on your career path.

For instance, all states require specific 4+ year degrees before you can become a doctor or a lawyer. In these cases, the answer is yes, you need a 4 year college degree and it is still relevant.

In industries and areas that are not under any state regulation or board licensing, there is a growing number of individuals landing medium-to-high paying salary jobs without college degrees. From customer service to computer science, more and more "degreeless" professionals are increasing in numbers. According to CareerJournal, an associates degree for registered nursing can earn you roughly $48k annually. Additionally, plumbers, sales reps, electricians, and law enforcement also are in the mid $40's.

Why are the national averages so high for these "degreeless" jobs? It's because the people that have bachelor's degrees above the age of 25 only account for 27% of Americans. That means there is still a tremendous opportunity to grow and definitely take advantage of the shortage of graduates.

Success can be found without a 4 year degree and it can be done through your work experience and your work ethic.

Some tips:
1. To gain experience, work for a company in your field and act as an intern or volunteer.
2. Beef up your resume.
3. Get good references.
4. Show a willingness to work.

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