Friday, December 09, 2005

Governor Schwarzenegger - Tookie Williams Must Die!

On November 30th I sent Governor Schwarzenegger of CA my opinion regarding Tookie Williams. Because he stated he is innocent despite overwhelming evidence, and because he killed four people in cold blood even as they begged for their lives, I soundly believe Tookie should pay for his crimes. If he can resurrect the victims and repay the emotional toils of the family, then we can pardon him.

Governor -- Deliver a message to all criminals, Hollywood stars, gangsters, and rappers that want criminals to be free -- the transgression of the law has consequences, and the consequences of sin is death.

Thank you for your correspondence regarding Stanley Williams.

There is a court order currently in place that calls for Mr. Williams to be executed by the State of California on December 13, 2005, and Mr. Williams has, through his attorneys, expressed his desire for the Governor to grant him clemency in this matter.

Capital punishment is an issue about which many people hold strong and impassioned views, and Governor Schwarzenegger appreciates you taking the time to express yours with regard to Mr. Williams. Your correspondence will be given due consideration during the clemency process.

Thank you again for writing.


Legal Affairs Secretary

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