Sunday, May 09, 2010

Policy review: Knife attacks kill eight, should we ban knives? Like gun policies?

So we hear of another knife attack that killed eight people. The previous stories were about a mentally disturbed man attacking 30+ children.  We have seen this all throughout the world with more recent news in the past couple years coming from China, Japan, and other countries at the forefront of strong anti-gun policies.

Truth be told, it doesn't matter what weapon is used. If a human being wants to kill dozens or more, he can easily choose a variety of options. In a sense, it is useless for us to simply ban weapons. Anyone with enough knowledge can create guns. I have seen make shift guns. Anyone can buy knives. Anyone can buy bats. Anyone can use a stick. Anyone can use a rock. Anyone can use a car. So what's the fascination with banning guns?

Seriously, we keep missing the point on these criminal attacks. It's not about the weapon they choose, the people themselves are the weapons. The tools they use are merely what's accessible. To equalize the playing field, the government must protect the citizens 100% of the time. If it does not have realistic resources to do so, it must give citizens the ability to protect themselves.

This is why I'm against the logic of gun restrictions and anti-gun policies. Responsible citizens should not have less freedom than the criminal. Criminals will ignore the law. Criminals will ignore gun restrictions.

So what do you think? Should we start banning knives because of these knife attacks? Or should we start being realistic: it's the human stupid. Understand his values and understand what influences his choices. Stop being lazy and stop blaming inanimate objects. Go deeper.

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