Sunday, May 02, 2010

Review: Best flower shop for Mother's Day (May 9th)

1-800-Flowers vs. FTD vs. ProFlowers

You can thank me later if you didn't know that May 9th is Mother's Day. This day, more than any other day, is the time for flowers. I think it even edges out Valentines Day for flowers. (Don't quote me on that.)

I have used 1-800-flowers, FTD, and a few other vendors out there online to deliver the best flowers. In the end, they essentially use the same vendor locally, the one closest to my house. The price varies between all of them, and I have found, traditionally, 1-800-flowers cost more.

The other day I found a new vendor and they're called ProFlowers. A quick comparison between this site and others shows they are significantly cheaper (10% or more). And when I used them on the last holiday, they had the same quality (if not better).

In short, when it comes to flowers, you want the biggest bang for your buck. And ProFlowers, at least for the past few holiday seasons, has been winning that category.

Update 5/10/2010:  Mom said the flowers arrived fresh and they were nice.

Send Mom Flowers from $19.99 + Free Vase

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Jeffrey said...

Oh shoot - I just ordered mine from FTD :(