Monday, May 03, 2010

Exclusive: Picture of Shahzad Faisal, Alleged NY Time Square Bomber?

(Picture of a Shahzad Faisal)

We've all heard of the attempted bombing at Times Square in New York City.  Reports are coming in from law enforcement and the news media that he:

  1. He is an American and has the full rights to a full trial.  He is innocent until proven guilty.
  2. Purchased the Nissan Pathfinder cash.
  3. His name was on an email, inquiring about the vehicle and attempting to purchase it from the original owner. (Sounds like Craigslist to me!)
  4. Though he attempted to remove the VIN, they were still able to find it and trace it back to the original owner.
  5. The police was able to get original VIN from the engine block.
  6. The "bomb" as one might call it was composed of:
    • Two alarm clocks
    • A batch of firecrackers/M-88s
    • Two 5 gallon gasoline tanks
    • Three propane tanks
If the allegations are correct -- I'm officially labeling him, the Stoopid Bomber.

It's clear whoever attempted to place this "bomb" didn't really know what he was doing, and thankfully, stupidity of the bomber and the quickness and alertness of the Vietnam vet street vendor/NYPD saved the day.

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