Monday, January 18, 2010

NBI arrested wounded Jason Ivler after gun fight

Last month I commented about Jason Ivler, who was being sought out by the police and the NBI (Philippines version of the FBI). Thankfully he was caught today so he can finally face his accusers in court. Allegedly, Jason has gunned down one person two months ago and killed another individual through his reckless driving a couple years back. NBI agents tried to arrest him at the Blue Ridge A Subdivision in Quezon City but instead of cooperating, the press reports state he shot at them. He was hit with bullets when the agents returned fire. He is now in the hospital after intensive surgery.

Anyone who uses a gun to victimize instead of protecting others need to answer for it in court. If he is found guilty, he will have a fun time in Philippines prison where he can no longer hide behind his guns or his step father's diplomatic immunity.

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