Friday, January 15, 2010

Haiti needs our prayers and our help!

We are only beginning to sift through what's happened in Haiti and whether our loved ones were among those that were hurt. The 7 plus magnitude earthquake was apparently a shallow one, which caused great devastation in a country that already was having problems with this economy. If it was a deeper earthquake, it would have caused less damage.

To my closest friends, the Pierres, Comperes, and Josephs and the rest of the Haitian community in Lehigh Acres and Fort Myers, our thoughts and prayers are with you. Please know that this pain, you do not bear alone, my family and the world cries out with you.

A call for help
Anyone who has the means to donate funds, please send it to your trusted charity. I personally use ADRA, a top ranked international disaster relief organization. The Haitian emergency fund site is available here:

They have already crossed over to Haiti, you can find their latest news here:

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