Sunday, May 25, 2008

Marijuana a safe drug? Tell that to accident victims.

Is Marijuana A Safe Drug?
In 2001, I once had a colleague that kept arguing with me that smoking pot was absolutely safe. He even argued that it made him learn faster. He was probably in his mid-50's and he kept telling others around him that it was fine.

A few years later, I caught up with him again and I visited his house to see how he was doing. He was unemployed in an area with 3% unemployment, depressed, and he threatened to kill people that "did him wrong". It seems like his heavy use on marijuana, coupled with whatever issues that was troubling him, has brought on severe paranoia, laziness, and depression. Thankfully, he did seek professional help.

The most intelligent civilizations on earth has smoked weed, from the Assyrians to the Chou Dynasty. They were all essentially wiped out of course (probably by non-users - lol). While this practice is ancient, its only within the last few years that people started learning its harmful effects not only on mental behavior but its effects physically.

While tobacco use in the United States is becoming less and less an acceptable vice, marijuana use is increasing especially in junior high and high school.

Where Marijuana Is More Dangerous Than Tobacco

Read a compiled list of recent studies showing where marijuana is more dangerous than tobacco, not only in terms of mental ailments but physical effects.


Anonymous said...

nothing is safe anymore.
look at brad k. he died young. pot?

some people can chain smoke cigarettes from 13 to 90 and nothing wrong with them at all, no health nor mental issues.

two people can have the same slipped disk in their back, one can dance like fred astaire and the other in delibating pain.

studies and facts dont work on all people. may only be 1% may have something go wrong by taking aspirin.

we just mainly have to look at our excess.

Unknown said...

Why is there an overturned bus in the picture?
Also, you said your friend was threatening people, etc, was he still smoking at this point? Because it sounds like he was angry that he lost his job, not that he couldn't score a J.

Nornerator said...

You really don't have any evidence here.

The scientific and medical evidence supporting marijuana being safe is absolutely overwhelming.

The has never, in all of recorded history, been a death caused by marijuana overdose. Not one.

People die from Aspirin everyday.

Many studies have shown that marijuana does not cause drivers to become more reckless, and if anything causes them to drive slower and become more cautious.

Marijuana is absolutely safe. Marijuana has been found to stimulate the growth of new brain cells in the hippocampus.

Marijuana has been found to kill cancer.

Marijuana has been found to increase peoples life spans

Your article is completely devoid of evidence and relies on an emotional response from people.

I know a guy who thought spaghetti was safe, and told everybody around him it was safe. Then one day he went crazy and lost his job. Therefore spaghetti is a danger to us all.

Thank you for buying into the government propaganda, why don't you go watch some more TV and brainwash yourself.