Saturday, May 10, 2008

Kudos to sisters - Stacey wins film award; Trish wins election

Going to get some bragging points out regarding my sisters.

Congratulations to my sister, Stacey, for winning the Audience Choice Award in the SONscreen Film Festival on April 10-12! Only in her starting years as a film student, she's already winning awards in California. Woo hoo!

Please include me in all your film credits as "Dohboy" please.

And my youngest sister Trish gets re-elected again to the student council! This time, she gets the majority vote and is the new president. She's now in Washington, D.C. in student leadership seminars.

First, school elections. Second, run for governor. Next, U.S. presidency. Then world domination.

Kudos to Stacey and Trish!

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