Wednesday, January 16, 2008

TSA wants to restrict batteries on planes (satire)

The TSA, in response to statistically insignificant mishaps, has concluded that lithium batteries is the cause of all evil and will now be restricting their existence in your checked or carry-on luggage by 8 grams or 25 grams in special cases. How do we measure how many grams in each battery? We really have no clue and neither does the TSA, but we will just guess.


While I understand the inherent problems these devices might cause if they explode, there are riskier issues out there that can cause more damage, like humans. Yes, humans...they are a danger to airplanes. It seems like the majority of plane mishaps are due to humans. If you ban humans from planes, it would probably reduce plane crashes.

That's going to be the next TSA rule. (Joking.)

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