Sunday, January 13, 2008

Huckabee and McCain, leading in SC polls, avoid negative politics

Tale of Two Gentlemen

This is about the strangest thing anyone has ever seen in South Carolina politics. The two leading contenders in the state for the Republican presidential nomination are not fighting. While the two leaders contend they have differences between them, they do not even attempt to highlight them in public.

This type of 'gentle' politics is historical -- dirty, vulgar politics date back to the founding of our nation (you should see what they said about Lincoln back in the day). What I find here is encouraging, something very different. Two people respecting each other, with different points of views, and debating where it counts: at a debate forum.

I applaud these two for being brave and showing true observance of the Christian. They are brave enough to back off from attacking each other and brave enough to form a friendship despite being competitors.

McCain and Huckabee ticket?

Who knows, perhaps if one wins the nomination, the other becomes vice president? Now that would be a very viable ticket in the general election. The ticket pleases all sides of the Republican spectrum and enough will power to bring in independent voters in a general election.

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