Thursday, September 20, 2007

Remembering Frank D'Alessandro

DIED: September 13, 2007
(1) Accidental drowning in New Jersey while kayaking at night
(2) He was in New Jersey to visit his ailing mother

Frank D'Allesandro is a name that many will not forget in Southwest Florida. For 28 years, he has sold, bought, and developed commercial properties in the area. You can see his ubiquitous signs everywhere. He was very successful in marketing his name to the area, writing columns for News-Press and having his own television show on Comcast.

While he didn't have time to get married and have kids, he was fond of kids in the community and funded several public service projects across Southwest Florida. While I never met the man, those that know him personally have always characterized him as a professional business man who had a soft spot for the community.

I'm not sure whether he was a Christian or not, we can only hope to see him in heaven some day, but until then, let's remember him as the man that put Southwest Florida's commercial real estate on the map.

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