Saturday, September 22, 2007

French President Nicolas Sarkozy Is The New Blair

Last year, I said former Prime Minister Tony Blair was one of the best political leaders in the world. Why? Because he stood by his principles and did what was best for Britain despite everyone else thinking he was in the wrong.

We know that Blair's new replacement, Gordon, is not following his shoes. At the start of his term, he has already somewhat shifted some of Britain's pro-American stances. Nope...we won't find any too many similarities between Gordon and Blair.

But surprisingly, we are seeing it in newly elected French President Nicolas Sarkozy. Unlike his predecessor, Chirac, he is openly engaging in friendly talks with America. He is moving away from the socialistic, anti-American ways of the old guard in France and moving into a capitalistic, pro-business ways of America. On the foreign policy side, he is also moving to increase French support in Afghanistan and to ally France with U.S. interests (ie: against Iran).

Will Sarkozy be the next Blair, befriending America? Seems likely and we as Americans certainly hope so. We would like to call the French as our friends again.

I guess the true question is, is the next president of America going to be like Bush? :)

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