Sunday, July 01, 2007

Product Review (2007): Sony's DVDirect [VRDMC3]

Have you ever had miniDV or VHS tapes lying around that you wanted to convert to DVDs? If you are like me, you have several tapes that are itching to be converted. DVDs after all can be universally played almost anywhere now days, and the format has a longer shelf life than your average tape format. The only problem with converting tapes is that it takes FOREVER if you go through a computer. You first have to upload your tape into your computer, then convert it into DVD format.

But! There is a solution to this. Today, I purchased Sony's DVDirect VRDMC3, which removes the computer from the equation. I simply attached my JVC camcorder (all camcorders will work), and put in a writable DVD disc and click Record. Of course, you make sure your camcorder is sending the video through an audio and video connection.

I now have two miniDV tapes fully converted into DVDs and it plays well on my generic home theater system. For those looking for a shortcut to converting VHS or miniDV tapes, I seriously suggest Sony's DVDirect device.

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