Monday, July 02, 2007

Philippines taxi driver returns lost cash worth US$17,000

Imagine this, a 45 year old Filipino motorcab taxi driver, named Iluminado Boc, was behind on rent and had an ailing wife at home. Then one day one of his customers left a bag in his cab containing $17,000 (USD). This is equivalent to about 800,000 pesos. He would have been one of the richest men in his town if he kept this bag! But instead of keeping it for himself, he goes to the police and says, "It was not mine." Roughly around the same time, the original customer who owned the bag came to report it missing to the same police station.

He was rewarded $32.00 by the original owner.

While the money would have certainly helped out his family, Mr. Boc remained honest. Clearly, this man deserved more than $32.00, but at the very least he can keep what can't be bought or lost: his character.

(To the bag's owner: put your money in the bank! Use a credit card.)

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philfriend2008 said...

Some times you can really find a great person in every country.

This is just one of those..

I remember someone found a lot more money in a toilet once in Makati, and returned it..

It happens.

See Makati now live.