Sunday, June 10, 2007

Gun-wielding teen robbers repelled by store manager

House of the alleged gunmen.

We know in this world, criminals will always have guns. There's no going around that. I originally came from a country that had the strictest gun laws in the planet, but criminals still had guns. My first childhood memories were civilians being shot by criminal gangs -- how's that for childhood trauma.

That's why I'm always happy to hear when civilians fight back because the state government allows them to. Such was the case with an armed robbery in Fort Myers, Florida today. According to NBC-2, and NewsPress, two gunmen, wielding a shotgun and a handgun came into a discount supermarket and tried to shoot at the store manager.

But the store manager fired back, killing 16-year old gunman, Damione Massey of 5047 Centennial Blvd, Lehigh Acres, FL. The second suspect, 14-year old Devon Gallagher, was shot in the stomach as he also tried to shoot at the manager. He quickly ran to a getaway car and drove off to Lehigh Medical Center where he was treated and captured.

Some food for thought
1. The alleged gunmen are young teens. Police say they see an increase spike in juvenille crime during the summer months since school is out, but it is rare for juvenilles to be this violent. From experience, these types of incidents are usually drug or gang-related.

2. My condolences to the friends and family of these kids. It is hard to be a working parent and being able to closely watch your kids. But this doesn't lessen the responsibility, the burden we bear as parents is hard, but we need to continue to educate our children about the friends they choose and the choices they make.

3. Criminals will always have guns. In fact, if you shutdown all of the gun factories and gun stores in the country, guns would still exist (plus an increase in stabbings). In fact, when I was young I met a person that made his own revolvers. So let's stop thinking that violent crime will disappear when guns are taken off the market. Guns will always exist.

The only way to deter these type of issues is to create a deterrant. In Florida, you are allowed to have a gun in your car (glove box), a gun in your house, and a gun in your place of business for self-defense purposes. While we pray that we never have to use these guns against another human being, especially kids, we need to be prepared to be able to not only save our lives but save the lives of others: your family members, your friends, or in this case, your customers.

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