Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Gadget geeks excited about the new iPhone

Gadget geeks across the world are excited about the new iPhone. It is a revolutionary phone -- it surfs, it dials, plays video, and plays music. Plus, your smudgey, oily hands have the ability to touch it over and over again, creating this cloudy aura on your screen. But that's not all, it can offer traffic reports via Google Maps. So you can get turn by turn directions and be able to tell whether you're stepping into a traffic-lagged road.

Coming in roughly about half the cost of Blackberry call plans on AT&T, iPhone is going to be a must-have toy this Christmas.

But despite the hype, am I buying one? The answer: no. I certainly wouldn't mind if someone bought one for me, but the practicality of this cell phone is lacking. You would think for the expense, there would be expansion slots...nope! Plus, if you are not in a WiFi area, the phone's speed is totally dependent on Cingular/AT&T's EDGE network. I've had experience with this network, I traveled 16 states by land and attempted to use it. At best, I was able to get the average speed of a dial-up user. That's not the type of speed I want to experience with a revolutionary product. The keyboard's accuracy is also left wanting, since it is a touch screen, productivity and speed isn't part of the equation when it comes to text messaging.

Suggestions for improvement

  • An expansion slot.
  • Be able to use other networks (ie: Verizon and Sprint)
  • Small keyboard that can be pulled out?

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