Friday, February 02, 2007

UN claims Global Warming is warming the earth, while I'm freezing in Florida

The United Nations just sent out global warming reports and warnings to its member nations, describing that the world's going to end because of man. And while I agree, we are the cause of our own disasters, they should have timed their reports better.

At the moment, southwest Florida is receiving freezing temperatures. This is an area where it is suppose to be tropical and have mild winters, yet we are freezing here. If someone was going to tell me the world is warming up year after year and it's going to be the end of the world, they should try to do so when we don't get record freezing temperatures in a semi-tropic climate.

It seems year after year we keep drumming the same tune that we are being cooked, and while there are ample evidence that glaciers are melting and weather's being affected, there is an equal amount of evidence that we are hitting record lows. Which begs the question, is global warming really something that is a true science or is it yet another guess, another theory? What if Earth was going through cycles? Why are scientists who oppose global warming get belittled in the media and scientific world? Why don't we keep an opend mind?


christy said...

Just thought I'd share my opinion on the whole global warming issue. I've been doing alot research and I haven't heard anything about the world ending. Perhap's ,maybe, the world changing would be better choice of words. I don't think we should make lite of an issue that could be very real in the next 50 years.I mean have people thought about their kids. (And by the way Florida gets cold every year.) Anyway, as far as, keeping an open mind I think that people should and they should do their own reseach. I watched on CNN recently about the global warming and they showed the glaciers melting. Did you know that polar bears are now considered a threatend species because they may loose their habitat. The news also said how we are now seeing little effects of global warming. Things like producing stronger hurricanes, like Katrina, that went through New Orleans.(I personally had 3 feet of water in my house) I think people need to take anohter look at this issue. Our future depends on it.

Publisher said...

Thanks for sharing your concerns regarding global warming. Right now it is receiving media hype similar to the ozone hole theory that was dismissed back in the 1990s. The truth is, global warming is not a perfect science but rather a guess based on 150 years worth of data. While to us that's more than a lifespan, in terms of the lifespan of Earth weather data, it is a mere point in a long timeline. In other words, we really don't know what's going on and while ice melting might be a bad thing in our mind, Earth might just be going through a season. So when we read these reports, we have to remove the hype.

We have no data to suggest that Katrina was caused by global warming, only assumptions that "it was warm so it must have been that." To be honest, hurricanes have been hitting the FL and LA coastline longer than we have inhabited them. The fact of the matter is, the Katrina disaster was a human error not a natural error. Big yellow buses sitting idle and being destroyed instead of being used to evacuate people. That will be Ray Nagin's legacy.

Our future is largely dependent on our actions now, one of the biggest things we can do that I think we all would agree in, is to remove our dependency on fossil fuels such as gasoline/oil. There's no ifs or buts, we are running out of this stuff unless we want to have another Great Flood like in the days of Noah.

So how can we start helping our future? Buy a car that is 30mpg or more like hybrids or carpool. Change your bulbs to the newest flourescent kinds.

Simple things like that not only save us money, but helps our world from using up our limited resources (now that's a fact).