Friday, February 16, 2007

Congress spends 1.4 million dollars arguing about non-binding Iraq resolution

I'm sure you've heard about it by now.

The United States House of Representatives spent over 40 hours arguing about a non-binding Iraq resolution of how they disagree with President's Bush decision to secure Baghdad and protect American troops and civilians.

Democrats, along with 17 Republicans, passed the resolution to show that they do not like securing Baghdad or protecting American troops. As you may know, after winning the Nov 2006 congressional elections, Democrats have promised to "change course" on Iraq from winning to running away. And they state this is just one of their first actions.

Democrats, along with their Iraq promise, also promised reform and changes within their first 100 hours of session. Perhaps they should start by not wasting tax payer's money on useless, non-binding resolutions! So how much did this useless, non-binding resolution cost? The labor cost was about $1.4 million USD, assuming all of the representatives that voted [428] were there for the full debate.

Great job congressmen -- good job on arguing about things that don't do anything.

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