Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Why the world misses Steve Irwin

All across the world, people are mourning. News articles around the world highlight Irwin's life and pay homage to a man that introduced animals to kids. Australia's prime minister is offering a state sponsored funeral. The U.S. embassy in Australia has paid their respects, and fans across the globe have sent in flowers and cards to Irwin's zoo in Queensland, Australia.

Why the world misses Steve Irwin...
Steve is soundly missed by kids around the world. I consider myself a big kid, so I guess I'm missing him too. He was the original animal showmaker, the one that offered a documentary of animals in a unique way -- up close and personal.

He was an alternative to the common media of sex, drugs, and vanity. His programming was wholesome. Kids thought of him as a hero, and someone they could look up to. Many veterinarians and zoologists that will be graduating in the next decade or so have been inspired by him.

I liked him because he showed God's creatures as unique. He showed that mother nature did offer mankind recreation, that there are wonders and curiosities left untouched on our earth that needs to be protected and nortured.

And lastly, Steve Irwin introduced the word, "Crikey!" His full-of-energy personality was original and unescapable, and "Crikey!" represented his character and his energy. He was the Energizer bunny on steriods.

Goodbye Steve Irwin, may we see you in heaven -- on the flip side, the animals don't sting.

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