Monday, May 08, 2006

Movie Review: Mission Impossible III...and Keri Russell?

Director Abram's vision of Mission Impossible III was done well! Lots of action, good twists, character development, and a solid cast. Furthermore, the movie didn't carry an R-rating and most Christians movie watchers would appreciate this: it had limited profanity and sensual scenes were limited.

Good vs. Evil
I'll try not to spit out any plot spoilers here. The consequences of Ethan's actions in this movie carry a heavier price compared to the previous installments of MI. In the past, there was a bad guy wanting to do bad things. As shown in the previews, Ethan now has a personal reason to make sure the mission is successful: his new wife is in danger! And the line between good and evil start blurring gray.

Keri Russell's debut
I haven't seen Keri Russell in any major production for almost four years. It was a good surprise to see her in this movie. Gone is the old petite, innocent girl image from her old TV series, Felicity. In this movie, she's a secret agent sent on a mission. And if you're a martial artist, you'll appreciate this -- she was praticing a form of Filipino martial arts (escrima) in one of the movie's flashbacks.

Russell was one of my favorite TV stars and I'm glad to see her comeback to the screen.

Tom Cruise's performance
Cruise can jump the couch on this one -- his acting on this film was like his previous projects: superb. Paramount is correct in assuming that Cruise is a bankable actor. His films will always go past $45 million on a box office weekend even if he jokes around that he is going to eat his baby's placenta. By the way Tom, congrats on the baby.

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