Monday, May 01, 2006

Immigrants: Legal & Illegal Show Their Strength

Over 1 million people throughout the United States have gathered on Monday to march against recent immigration reform bills proposed in Congress. Some like Bill O'Reilly (FoxNews) and Lou Doubbs (CNN) have commented that these immigrants who have marched together are not helping their cause. I respectfully disagree.

By coming out and marching, they effectively sent a message that they are people too. They've put a face to the United States' labor force.

Are illegals paying taxes?
One of the biggest complaints that uninformed individuals have against illegals is that they assume they do not pay taxes.

This is untrue. While many use fake social security numbers and they pay taxes through their employers, there are others who pay taxes through legal tax IDs provided by the IRS. Since 1996, the IRS has opened the way for illegal immigrants to pay taxes. Unlike most people, most hard working illegal immigrants are actually thankful of the opportunities in the United States and are willing to pay taxes.

Are illegals taking our jobs?
The overall answer is no. The country doesn't have enough willing citizens to work certain markets.

For those that understand the principles of macroeconomics -- you understand that cheap, effecient labor will result in a net gain for the economy. Let's face the truth: agriculture, housing, and construction industries of America are laid on the backs of illegal immigrants. The cheap labor that illegal immigrants provide bring the costs down. Can you imagine if house builders can no longer hire illegal immigrants? Can you imagine fruits and vegetables jumping up as fast as gas prices?

Are illegals becoming a burden on our social programs like education?
If an illegal family is hard working and is paying their taxes, they are NOT a burden to our society. If an illegal family is not paying their taxes, absolutely, they are a burden to our social programs.

Do you support illegal immigration?
The term illegal immigration is largely based on what Congress labels as legal. In fact, most people don't understand how HARD it is for someone to be a legal immigrant if they are coming from a developing country.

Congress does not make it easy and technically, the bills they have passed have been discriminate against poor people. Only rich countries can come into the country freely. Take a look at Canada -- they can come in with a driver's license to the United States while Mexico, you'd have to sacrifice life and limb before you can get a visa.

We should not be discriminate because a country is poor. America in its infancy accepted everyone with open arms and we became stronger because of it. The immigration process should be the same for ALL countries (except those that we are at war with or have sanctions on). My point is: if a person is hard working, makes a contribution to society by not committing any crimes, and pays their taxes -- they are making the country better. They should be allowed to work, and stay in this country. That's how this country was built.

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