Wednesday, April 05, 2006

News: Why socialistic France is rioting

You may have seen the latest riots going on the news about France. Across the country, unions and other rioters are protesting against new market reforms that's being pushed by the government. If you are flipping the channel and not learning anything, STOP!

There are valuable lessons to be learned from this situation: a lesson of capitalism vs. communism/socialism.

What law is the French government trying to pass?
French labor laws protect employee interests significantly through union and trade agreements. Even if you're a smoking pothead and you don't do any work, your employer still can't fire you. The government is trying to change this because businesses are not hiring or are outright leaving the country.

Businesses want to have the ability to terminate non-performing employees without being hindered by union or trade agreements. Specifically, the new law will let businesses have better control of hiring and terminating if they are tenured less than 2 years.

Why are the people rioting?
The Communist-backed labor unions are upset and have launched violent riots against the French government. Their point of view: the government should take care of workers regardless of their performance.

Why should we care?
So we identify what socialism is and not seek after it. We should not let the government control how people should be hired or fired. French socialistic policies have given them 23% unemployment among their young adults and an overall of 9.6% unemployment across the nation.

The United States, despite its debt, is the most economically powerful country in the world. This is largely due to its people's attitude about freedom. People want freedom to leave their companies if they want to and vice versa, companies want to terminate workers if they want to. Our economic success shouldn't be credited to Clinton or Bush, but through our comprehensive and collective set of employment laws designed and modified throughout the years.

The United States has found the right balance of employer and employee responsibilities. Our unemployment rate of less than 4.8% in the nation is a testament to this. We let market forces (supply and demand) work through the economy. Anyone can setup a business in the United States. But in France, new businesses tread carefully -- if at all.

But welfare just sounds so good!
Essentially, that is what the French has. If you don't want to work, don't worry, you're covered -- your employer still has to pay you. We need to avoid this idea that the government or the employer should be taking care of us. The people that you should be depending on is God, your family, and yourself.

Anything else is a communistic dream of equality, and in this sinful world, it won't happen. In fact, it'll just be abused.

Socialism is bad.
Communism is bad.
Labor unions that support either of the above are bad.

France: 9.6% unemployment (23% unemployment of young adults)
USA: 4.8% unemployment (4.2% unemployment of young adults)


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