Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Fishing Report: Gulf of Mexico 04/16/06, Sanibel Causeway 04/17/06

Easter Sunday was a great day for fishing!

My church has services on the Sabbath (Saturday); hence, we were one of the few people that were boating. The Gulf of Mexico was clear of the usual boat traffic and the water was crystal clear. We set the course to an artificial reef and caught American shad all day long! It seemed like every cast was a fish. They were biting so hard, I was finding myself opening the fish bucket over and over again. I caught three fish with the same live shrimp. We kept roughly about 30 fish (10 per person limit). I returned more than I could count... A duck in the middle of nowhere saw me throwing some fish back and took one of them.

After heading home, two of the group went to fish the Sanibel causeways/canals and caught some snook, and ladyfish. Three of the group hit the river and landed some sheepshead. Sadly, I couldn't join them on their late night fishing adventure as I had some work to do at home.

If you want to eat the best tasting fish -- seek out the American shad. You can catch them with shrimp. Their meat is so soft and sweet! The scientific name for this fish is sapidissima, which means very delicious or most savory.

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