Friday, March 31, 2006

Immigration Reform

Immigration reform is needed in the United States. We need to protect our borders, our ports, and make sure there is no criminals like people that work for drug cartels, or terrorists going through them.

With that being said, we should be friendly to law abiding citizens of other countries. We should allow them to come in the United States to visit or to work with little or no hassles. We shouldn't force law abiding citizens of other countries and corner them to where they have to break immigration law in order to work and pay taxes in the United States.

Aren't Immigrants Going To Take Our Jobs?
Americans should welcome immigrants' ideas and skills. Immigrants work jobs from the lowest level to the highest -- affecting a broad scope of the economy. For instance, the agricultural industry in the United States would be severely affected if there were no immigrants (legal or illegal) working. Would you pay for a tomato for $10.00/each? No! Would you want new house prices to increase far above its current levels? No! Immigrant labor help reduce costs across many industries. More than we give them credit for.

Also, immigrants create jobs. Google and Intel are just two famous companies that were co-founded by immigrants. There are thousands more... Immigrant-owned companies create American jobs.

Anti-Immigrant is Anti-American
Poor and rich families alike from European countries moved to the United States without any serious immigrant hassles. They now form the backbone of the power bloc since the inception of our country. The fact is, unless your heritage is from Native American Indians, you have no justification to have any discrimination against immigrants. United States is a relatively young country (230 years old) compared to other countries like France (1520 years old). It still is a New World --- and to this day, people around the globe wants to work in America and achieve the American dream.

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