Thursday, March 16, 2006

Fishing Report: Caloosahatchee River & Sanibel Causeway 3/12/06, Gulf of Mexico 03/15/06

My fishing trip on Sunday landed two sheepshead (15" and 10"). I lost a snook near the Sanibel Causeway. The moment I casted into the water, it took the bait in seconds along with my line and hook. The most challenging thing about snook is their ability to speed across the waters and their tendency to bring your line against rocks, pillars, and other holes to snag you. The amount of pressure they bring against your line is incredible, it feels as if you're dragging 30-40 pounds of weight and your line zig zags back and forth in the water.

I decided to take a trip to an artificial reef in the Gulf of Mexico several miles out with a couple of friends from church. Staying there from noon-8pm produced several bites. Several times large fish came in to take the bait only to lose it as they take it to the reef. I got a 17" sheepshead but my friend Howard got a 22" sheepshead -- a record on my fishing trips!

As much as I love to eat sheepshead, I have quite a few in my fridge already. My target from now until April is snook. The season doesn't open again until September, so snook is the most desired gamefish by anglers right now.

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