Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Movie Review: Joint Security Area (2000)

When I rented this, I thought it was an action film. To my surprise, this movie had more depth and meaning than most of the movies I've seen for the past few months. Originally released in South Korea in the fall of 2000, the movie has been distributed internationally and has recently been released in DVD format (2002) for the United States.

The film's setting is on the 38th parallel on the Korean peninsula. The communist North Korea and the democratic South Korea created two bases across from each other. The story surrounds itself around one South Korean soldier befriending two North Korean guards. Under the secrecy of the night, they have formed a friendship that would have been considered treason on both sides.

This movie is a powerful statement about the idiotic hostilities between the two countries. Both countries have family ties together and have very similar cultures; however, they are separated by different political views. This is the tragedy of the movie, that there is still a Cold War brewing in the world between the 38th parallel.

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