Thursday, February 09, 2006

Fishing Report: Caloosahatchee River 02/05/06

Last Sunday, I was roughly 2-3 miles off before the Sanibel bridge. The best catch of the day was a fairly large sheepshead that measured 19" inches and weighed 4.25 lbs. I was using a middle-action rod, circular hook, Fireline 15 lbs, flurocarbon leader 10 lbs, and my bait was live shrimp. The fish already had a hook inside of him from a previous encounter with me. Goes to show that fish are really stupid or are really courageous.

Despite the big catch, fishing conditions were rough. We hardly got any bites until 4-5pm in the afternoon. This was partly due to the low tide and the saltinity levels in the water. A previous storm front went through the area on Saturday.


activooo said...

How often do you go fishing out there?
By the way that fish is beautiful.
How big does the fish have to be in order to be considered "legal catch".

Publisher said...

activoo - I'm fishing 1-2 times a week. The rules about legal catches vary by the species. For instance, the sheepshead has 12" minimum requirement and a bag limit of 15.

Publisher said...

For more information, you can visit the Florida and Wildlife Commission at