Sunday, December 13, 2020

DSnews Magazine gives nod

DS news magazine gives nod to my book as part of their Good Reads choice

DSNews Magazine is the leading source of housing, real estate, and mortgage foreclosure insights, and I found out today it recognized my book, Complete Guide to Real Estate Tax Liens and Foreclosure Deeds, as one of their Good Reads. 

One of my earliest publications from years ago, continues to be relevant in this day and age as foreclosures have increased 20% in October during the pandemic, according to HousingWire. This is despite the fact that there's been a foreclosure moratorium across lenders and banks. You can read more about such insights on the Investing Without Losing Facebook group.

What's tax liens and how is it an investing tool?

Tax liens and tax deeds is one of the few instruments where investors can protect themselves against market down turns and can be part of any diversified portfolio. Investing in this asset class also has a direct, positive impact to jobs, cities and municipalities who are in dire need of cash due to a budget crunch.

With proper due diligence, it's relatively safe as the properties themselves have to be paid back, and can be placed inside IRA plans. As always, ensure you have a professional investment advisor to guide you and obviously, read the book.

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