Monday, December 24, 2018

Avis Leaves Passenger Stranded on Christmas Eve with Unknown Debit Card Policy

Update 12/28/2018: Avis executive team has reached out and apologized and will work with addressing the concerns/costs regarding this whole ordeal.  

Update 1/5/2019: Florida Attorney General Pam Brodi's office has sent an inquiry to Avis to follow-up, thanks to Crystal Fukushima for taking care of the follow through on investigating this issue with the Avis Budget Group.

Update 1/10/2019: Avis executive team has investigated with the Avis Tampa location. They found the deficiency to be their policy updates to show up on an online travel agency (OTA) - Pcln. They promised Stacey that they will reimburse all expenses including the cost of the Lyft expense to Ft Myers. 

Update 1/14/2019: Avis refund confirmed.

Case closed.


As I write this, my sister Stacey is frantically looking for a ride home to be with her family on Christmas Eve.

She arrived in Tampa, Florida, with a debit card in hand with a confirmed booking with Avis. The day prior they confirmed with her on the phone that a debit card was acceptable for a one way reservation to Fort Myers, a city two hours south of Tampa. However, when she arrived, an Avis associate by the name of Ibrahim, at Avis Tampa Airport, stated this was not possible. In a convoluted way, he explained this is policy. When asked for a supervisor, he said this was policy and could not help.

Instead of calling for assistance from a superior or escalating to see how this could be resolved to help a customer on Christmas Eve, he commented that because her return flight was on the 31st, she would need to rent the car from the Dec 24th to 31st, even though she only needed it on the 24th.

He also stated they would not refund the $110 booking they charged her debit card.

This type of treatment by Avis / Budget is unacceptable. When Stacey asked Ibrahim where this policy is on their web site, he simply kept responding this was their policy. They now are keeping $110 for no services rendered. They are claiming a policy that isn't listed on any booking page or terms of service is their policy.

Avis. Budget. Tampa. Ibrahim. Shameful and greedy, on Christmas Eve. Santa's giving you coal today.

Please share with your friends and avoid this shameful company. Recordings are available to share, for media inquiries please inquire from

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