Sunday, January 16, 2011

Wikipedia is humanity's greatest work. Happy 10 year anniversary.

Wikipedia is humanity's greatest work, and it also reflects mankind's personality: imperfect, always changing, always learning.

It embodies humanity's efforts to collectively bring together all pieces of information across all fields and studies from various editors and contributors around the world.

It has tremendously increased my understanding of everything. I have studied various topics from genetic mutations to satellite communications to astronomy with this encyclopedia.

The idea of having an "open" and free encyclopedia that can be modified, edited, researched, and critiqued is a reflection of the maturity of our information age.

Decades, if not hundreds of years from now it will be known as mankind's magnum opus, and dare I argue more than the space missions, or the discovery of nuclear fission. What greater power is there outside of the divine, than the collective knowledge, creativity, and ideas of mankind developed and stored into an easy to use, accessible repository. It is a force that drives and inspires innovative research.

Happy birthday Wikipedia.

May your mission hold steady.

May you inspire my children to learn, to critique and to contribute.

God bless.

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Rob said...

Hi Don, I know this isn't on the topic you wrote about but it's the latest one I found. I want to ask 2 questions about your book Investing Without Losing, Real Estate Tax Liens. In Nevada and California it says they are tax deed states, but both sales in Clark County in Nevada and Riverside in California coming up in March/2011 are both lien sales, do they offer deed sales and lien sales at different times? I am from Canada and was wanting to know if there are any special forms or information I have to fill out before a sale. Thanks very much for your time, and I enjoyed the book.

Rob Carson