Sunday, December 26, 2010 refuses to let me buy more Kinect units - limited purchase quantity?

I bought Kinect for a gift and after seeing how much fun it was, I wanted to purchase it for my house.  I wanted to buy it again from Amazon since they give me free two day shipping.  Unfortunately, my second attempt was a total failure.  They wouldn't let me buy it again since I was over my purchase limit.  Say what?

Here's the message I got: "We are sorry. This item has limited purchase quantity. Because you have purchased the maximum allowable quantity in the past you cannot buy any more units of this item."

I mean seriously? I can't buy more than one?  Even if the first one wasn't for my own?  That's insane.  Okay Best Buy, looks like you are getting my money.


Anonymous said...

The limits are imposed on Amazon by the vendors. The prices on Amazon are so good that they do not want people buying large quantities and then selling them online, etc. Amazon would love to sell you more, but then the vendors would not sell to them.

Anonymous said...

That's non-sense.. The same item I am being limited on can be had for the same price or lower elsewhere online and in stores. This is Amazon, not the vendors.