Monday, September 06, 2010

Hova Bator Air Flowing Incubator Review

Incubator with quail and hen eggs.
I've recently hatched 15 chicks: 5 Japanese quail (Coturnix japonica), and 10 regular chickens after one month of use in my awesome new Hova Bator. The setup wasn't as simple as I thought. There's a few included parts that you have to install:

  1. You have to actually screw in a small piece of metal called a thermostat wafer.
  2. Lay down a piece of plastic and put a little bit of warm water.
  3. Then a small metallic screen where you put the eggs on top of it.

After all of the parts are installed, you can then turn it on and just put the eggs in! I've managed to put in a mix of quail and chicken eggs together with no problems, although you have to make sure the new hatchings don't trample over the eggs that haven't hatched yet.

It will maintain 100 F degrees and have a fan spinning the entire time it's operating.

Excellent experiment for my kids to play around with.

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