Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tech Tip: FlightAware let's you see your plane's flight path real time

So your sitting in the airport being told your flight is delayed ... but you really want to know where this plane is at and what time it's going to arrive? If you have the flight number, you can use web sites like FlightAware that allow you to view and track any flight!

Some cool features...
  1. The location of the plane.
  2. Waypoints.
  3. Altitude/speed.
  4. Weather/storms.
  5. Scheduled and 'actual' departure/arrival time.
  6. Airport traffic/list of planes coming in and out.
FlightAware's probably one of the best sites I've viewed as it brings those six components into a nice user friendly interface. So next time you need to know where a plane is at, or in my case, trying to make sure my family arrives on time, use an online flight tracking tool! Also, some planes have wireless Internet access --- I once was able to view my own flight plan, its progress, weather radar, and other items at 30,000 feet! Cool (and scary) to have such information so freely available!

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