Sunday, December 06, 2009

Windows Security Essentials - Free Antivirus Protection by Microsoft

Microsoft Security Essentials is the best thing since slice bread!  I always like things FREE and have been using AVG's Free AntiVirus program for a long time.  But with Microsoft offering of their very own anti-virus program, who can resist?  Backed by one of the largest corporations in the world that knows the ins and outs of your operating system --- why not go with the obvious choice?  No more McAfee or Norton AntiVirus subscription fees!

This is also a smart "anti-piracy" move on Microsoft's part, ensuring that you have not only the latest operating systems (Windows XP minimum required), but that you also have a legitimate copy of it.  

What I like about it so far...
  • So far it's stopped viruses and malware on one of my 'shared' PCs.
  • It seems faster than AVG / Norton AntiVirus / McAfee.  It blends in with Windows well.
  • It's free.

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