Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Windows 7 upgrade for less than $30!

Windows 7, Microsoft's new operating system, is available for sale for individuals that have a valid U.S. college e-mail address. This heavily discounted offer was designed for students.

Available online for download is either the Home Premium or the Professional version, 32-bit or 64-bit for $29.99. These programs if sold at retail will cost $119 for the Home Premium and $189 for the Professional.

I chose the Home Premium version and the download size is approx 2GB! For more information, you can access https://windows7.digitalriver.com.

Why would I choose to upgrade?

After eight long years, Microsoft has finally launched an operating system that actually has performed well in benchmark tests and is really really fast.

The hardware incompatibilities and the steep requirements of installing the previous operating system, Windows Vista, created an uproar among Windows users. Despite having gigs of RAM and duo-core processors, Windows Vista made your PC experience seem like you were running a Windows ME operating system on a 486 processor (yeah, you geeks out there now what I'm talking about).

I disliked the operating so much, I personally chose to run Windows XP on my PCs and netbook. I only have one laptop that has Windows Vista and it wasn't downgraded mainly because of some specialized programs that I wouldn't be able to utilize in an XP environment.

If you have Windows Vista right now and you are in that painful environment of having to wait for long boots or for your windows to actually render the graphics properly, it's time to upgrade to Windows 7...and if you are lucky, you could do it for less than $30.00.

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