Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pandora proof PSPs?

WARNING: This post is a bit geeky.

PlayStation Portable (PSP) News: Pandora Proof

I always bring an old PSP when I travel. I can look for wifi locations, view web sites, play games, view pictures, movies, and much more. Its also fun doing PSP hacks and mods from time to time. But I discovered a couple of things that's probably going to scare potential PSP home brewers out there.

So far in the past four weeks I've come across two PSPs from Japan (piano black) and the United States (Amazon.com/piano black regular) where the pandora battery is not working. The 'magic' memory stick and the pandora battery works on all other phats and slims, but on these particular two units, the only response was:

  • Auto-on, green light / no other lights
  • Black screen

    What's causing this problem? Apparently a new CPU which Sony may have done on purpose (or accidentally) to block any pandora-based hacks or mods. Here's a more technical explanation: Dark Alex's Flowchart

    Anonymous said...

    I can never keep up with all the changes sony makes.

    Anonymous said...

    Hopefully a new Pandora Battery will be available soon to unlock these! ;)