Friday, March 28, 2008

Number 1 Killer In The World: Crime? Bird Flu? Nope - YOU

The Hidden Killer
Throughout the world, from the richest spots in the United States to the poorest areas in Haiti, there is a killer that causes more deaths than any other individual or conflict.

It's you...or to be more precise, its your health.

We worry so much about poverty, crime, and other social issues, that we often forget the number one killer in the world -- our health. Heart disease, cancer, and other ailments are the leading killers of mankind. This CNN article entitled, "Heart disease still the most likely reason you'll die", reminds us that the worst enemy of man is man itself and the choices he makes.

Evaluate Your Thoughts On Health
I consider my relationship with God and my family as my number one concern. But a close third is my health. Here's are some honest questions that I ask myself and it helps me define my choices. Perhaps you could use it as well to do a self evaluation.

  1. What's the financial impact of bad habits and to my family's finances?
  2. How can I provide for my family if I'm sick or can't work?
  3. What sort of role model am I to my family if I'm overweight?
  4. What sort of role model am I to my family if I'm smoking?
  5. What sort of role model am I to my family if I'm drunk all the time?
  6. What sort of role model am I to my family if I'm doing drugs?
  7. How would people remember me if I passed away? Would they say nice things in the funeral but in their minds, "Yeah he died because he was dumb about his diet."
  8. Am I influencing my friends to copy my bad habits?
  9. At the end of the day, did I make my world a better place?

Many Diseases Are Preventable (ie: stop smoking)
Heart disease is deadly but also preventable. Cancer is deadly but also preventable. For instance, smoking affects both your heart, your brain, and it increases your cancer risk. To avoid the potential diseases, get rid of the habit. I know its harder said than done -- but you have to stop letting tobacco companies control you. You are killing yourself and feeding their bottom line.

Exercise Isn't Hard -- Just Walk
Physical therapists, sports medicine doctors, and alike are stating that the best exercise is brisk walking (speed walking).

According to the American College of Sports Medicine, "Walking, among the easiest and lowest impact activities a person can do, was proven to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by as much as 40 percent, even in very moderate and achievable amounts."

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