Sunday, November 04, 2007

Senate about to approve dangerous L.O.S.T. treaty

Recently, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, voted 17-4 Wednesday to approve the Law of the Sea Treaty. It is now up to the rest of the senators to vote this down. If the Congress and the president allows this treaty to go through, there are some serious ramifications.

My issues with this treaty:

  • First, the people that have signed up to this treaty includes the likes of Iran and others. We would have a voice in the governing body, but that doesn't do well when everyone else hates us. If there was ever a dispute, we could technically lose water access based on a popularity vote.

  • Second, it essentially gives the United Nations control over international waterways and we would be giving the U.N. the authority to enforce laws and resolutions that it attached to the treaty. For instance, it requires our submarines to navigate in a surfaced mode with a flag in territorial waters. That means we can't do covert operations to study our enemies using our submarines.

  • Third, as we have seen in the oil for food program, the United Nations isn't exactly perfect in executing laws and regulations. It is the best diplomatic world body we have, but it is an utter failure if we try to utilize it for enforcement purposes. We already complain that our government stinks at certain things (ie: Katrina), how much more, is a larger and more bureaucratic govt like the United Nations (ie: Rwanda) would perform. Do you really want the U.N. to hold the enforcement rights to international waterways?

  • Let your voice be heard

    Contact your senator and congressman. Let them know what you think about this treaty. Should the United Nations rule our seas?

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