Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Cop killer gets cornered, shot 15 times for 'resisting arrest'

A 25 year old young adult, Shawn/Sean LaBeet, was the prime suspect for the killing of Officer Jose Somohano, 37. He allegedly injured 3 other law enforcement officers who survived their wounds. LaBeet, according to police accounts, used a military-grade assault rifle against the officers who were chasing him for driving erratically.

LaBeet escaped with the help of friends and family. They were subsequently arrested for accessory to murder. During the manhunt, officers surrounded LaBeet in a corner and he was gunned down 15 times for 'resisting' arrest. The medical examiner's office stated some of the wounds came from 2 to 3 feet. In short, at some point, there must have been someone up close and personal to make sure he wasn't 'resisting'.

The message here is clear: If you are a criminal/druggie and you are caught, give up. If you shoot and you kill a cop, you will not have a long life and you are guaranteed to look like swiss cheese in the process.

P.S. News organizations believe Sean LaBeet is the half brother of Ishmael LaBeet who in 1972 killed 8 people on a resort/golf course to steal $731.00 and to scream anti-white slogans. In 1985, Ishmael LaBeet was being escorted to another prison on an American Airline flight with 198 passengers. He escaped by overpowering his guards on the plane and had the pilot land the plane in Cuba. The airline was released to go back to the United States but Ishamel stayed in Cuba and remains as one of the FBI's most wanted criminals.

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